Tuesday 25 October 2022

Eclipse season

 When you look at this picture:

what do you see?

Is it a dark sky that looks threatening

or a sky that will clear the air.......?

Today there is a solar eclipse 

and the beginning of November

a lunar eclipse.

Eclipse season: 

a time to let go,

a time to look at mirrors,

a time of change.....


Power over/ Inner power



The eclipse is in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio,

Uranus is involved and Venus.

In Holland we had similar situations in the media:

people were missing and were found dead in the water.

A family who came back from a wedding,

and a child and her caretaker.......

it took days before they were found....

no one had a clue where they were....

There was an accident with 2 boats: 2 people died,

2 are missing.

Water, accidents, loved ones

and in these days of social media and camera's everywhere

they couldn't be found....

What do we need before we look inside and...

'find ourselves'?

Can we trust or do we look for conspiracy theory's ......

Do we hold on to the past,

when a lot was going on in governments/organisations 

that was not ok 

and did we decide to never trust again?

Or do we Know that we are grown/healed 

and will hold the persons accountable when needed

and the Cosmos always wants what is best for us......

22 years ago I was afraid of snakes.

When Bas decided to have a snake as a pet,

it was challenging for me.

'Herman' died this summer,

he shed a lot of times and when he died

it was a shock.

For me he was beautiful and showed me that letting go is good,

and needed if we want to grow....

Perhaps his dead is also a reminder

that we don't need him anymore as a mirror.....

A snake is 'Scorpio', a pet 'Taurus......

If I look at the first picture,

I see the tree, the tree that will go very soon,

I see the bushes with fruits, 

the autumn leaves

and fences.

I also see something that will soon be 'the past'

and I wonder how it will be next year.....

I am sure it will be good....

perhaps not as I imagined it,

but...perhaps even better!

Most likely, rain and perhaps storms are needed,

but for sure the sun will come out again

and we will move to the next stage....

I will make a picture from the same spot next year.....

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