Wednesday 19 August 2020

Emotion and freedom...


While in the sauna, 
looking at a chunk of ice on a hot furnace, 
I realised that melting a chunk of ice
takes time....
I left the sauna
before it was all melted.... was to hot...

Is this what we often do
when dealing with emotions?
We let go and....
then it get's 'to hot'....
and we walk away....

We are free to walk away,
and we are free to go back to them,
to deal with our emotions 
on a deeper level.

If we keep walking away,
instead of feeling free,
those emotion will put us in prison....
A prison.....

Is my mind open by wonder
or are there still parts 
that are closed by believe....

'When I see you, 
you are always enjoying what you do,
even drinking water.....'

'You are not realistic,
people don't take there own responsibility,
they don't!'

'We all will be chipped,
vaccination will be mandatory,
what will you do?!?'

'People think about themselves first,
they don't care about the community'

Do we really pay attention?
And then I mean:
attention to our own emotions
and let that be our teacher.....
or do we prefer to live in our own 'prison'
instead of freedom.

We only can go out of our own prison
if we see we are in.....

I woke up from a dream:
There was a test going on 
and everyone had to work for them selves.
I was so busy to do it right,
looking around at others.
I saw they got forms/papers,
that I didn't have and.....
I got anxious...
When the time was almost up,
I saw the same forms/papers 
were just next to me....
I didn't see them because I was to busy with others....

At the next step, 
we had to do exercises and puzzles
all around 'a place'.
I worked hard and....
again looked around at other people..

The time was almost up 
and I had not finished them all. 
I saw other people doing nothing
and I was frustrated: 
'why didn't they do what they had to do
or at least help others?!?

'Someone' asked them to do there thing
or help someone else finish.
One of them
-who did 'nothing'- 
came to me and....
was just sitting there....again....doing 'nothing' ?!?

When I woke up, 
I felt frustrated.....

Thinking about it, I realised
that I was judging.....
I wanted them to do more,
How hard am I on my self?!?

Do I believe 
they do the best they can 
do I think they consciously
are sabotaging....
what does this mirror me...

Do I REALLY forgive myself for the past,
do I REALLY believe I did the best I could,
or is there still a part that is judging myself....

Quilt and Shame....our prison....Saturn...
Forgiving and taking responsibility.....
the key out of prison.....also Saturn...
The key to freedom:
the bridge of Cheiron...

Most of us are standing 
on the bridge from Saturn to Uranus,
The bridge that takes us
from responsibility to Freedom.

We HAVE to go over
if we want freedom.
We have the choice
to 'deal with the chunk of ice'
in our selves.....
take our time to melt it,
or walk away....

Going over the bridge to freedom
can mean we get our feed wet..... is worth it! 
How do you see YOUR future?

I hope it is one of love peace and happiness :-)

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