Wednesday 5 August 2020

Your mind......sending love and healing to the people in Beirut

'It is so easy to feed your brain with information

that is close to you, familiar,

it is safe.....

If you are 'against' something or 'pro' something:

you always will find something that proves you are right....

The challenge is to feed your brain with ALL kind of information!

If you do, you make sure your brain has to re-think,

to find out what is right for YOU....

Uranus will go retrograde on Aug. 16

and we get time to -re-think the period from May till now.

Did you do what YOU wanted 

or did you follow 'the group'....

When I looked back, 

I realised that a lot has happened last month


Uranus like,

lots of 'unexpected situations'....

We all get to re-think, re-visit,

go inside,

 till the beginning of jan. 2021....'

This was the beginning of my blog

and then there was the explosion in Beirut....

I saw a post from someone in Beirut

posted that morning:

 'It will be a great day'

with a sunny picture ....

Lebanon has a challenging history...

a beautiful country

and lot's of wars,

lot's of refugees.

How is their government,

do they take care of the people?

Do they take responsibility they need a 'wake up' call

from the people unexpected incident....

We are all ONE,

and I am sure the world will help

the coming time...

I saw Qatar is sending field hospitals,

Holland sending first aid helpers and

I am sure more country's will follow.

The explosion started with something 

that shouldn't be there...

People will have to take responsibility...

and something needs to change.

Most likely in the government

and also in the people...

It is easy to get angry at the government

and forget to look inside.....

Adults in Lebanon 

are now in a same situation as

when they were young:

they were in a war back then

and now if feels like a war again.

Did they heal their old hurt,

or is there some healing necessary,

and will they choose to do that now....

It would be great if they did...

especially if they have children...

Some people realised their hurt

and I know they looked at it

and are in a healing process.

They could stay calm with there children...

and made sure they felt safe.

Those people will be 

as important for Lebanon

as the rebuilding of the city.....

So Lebanon can be a country

of peace and abundance again....

-this was the rest of my blog-

'I realise that sometimes 

I still react from an old pattern:

'I have to do it myself,

because no one else will help me'....

How come I don't take the time?

Do I not have enough patience

or don't I trust enough?'


When I read this again,

I wondered how much patience you need?!?

Perhaps sometimes you HAVE to stand up,

take action.

The only healthy way to do it,

is to go to your fear first....

Letting go of fear

is only possible

if you take responsibility for your self.

Then, instead of anger,

it leads to action.

This will lead to change:

Instead of hate you see

how it can be.

You work together

from integrity,

from power and responsibility

to make changes....

big changes....

I wish everyone the courage 

to change anger into action...

It is needed in Beirut


it is needed in everyone life at the moment.

Next time more...

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