Wednesday 12 August 2020

Mind ..... Be the change......from Saturn to Uranus....4

When I started my blog about the mind,
I never imagined that it would be more than one entry.

I wanted to talk about the mind and Covid 19/Corona,
and then there was a blast in Beirut
and drownings in Holland because of a strong undertow.

Someone asked about the last one
and I realise that this is also a mirror:
how many emotions are not being seen,
but are very, very dangerous,
if you don't realize they are there.....
Are we living in a free world
or are we prisoners?

I started the first blog about the mind
talking about Uranus going retrograde on the 12th.
Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, rebellion
and being unique, being YOU.

Freedom is not possible 
if there are no rules, no boundaries:
-look at traffic: I am glad there are traffic lights.
-parents make sure there kids wear coats if it is cold,
 even if they don't like it. Parents protect.
-A builder has an certificate,
 to make sure if you buy a house that is safe,
 you don't need to check,
 you have the freedom to choose....

These rules/boundaries are Saturn,
and we need these to go to Uranus,
so we can make a conscious free choice.

We learned as a child, as a young adult,
how to live in society and then.....
we do it ourselves:
keep the rules that are good for us,
and let go of rules we don't need anymore.

Now someone can say:
'Then I choose to go in a car while being drunk....'
....then you see an Uranus energy without boundaries,
without Saturn, without responsibility....

Between Saturn and Uranus there is 'a bridge'.
To go from one to the other 
you have to deal with your 'wound'....Chiron.
If you deal with this,
your healed wound
will be an asset,
not only for you,
also for the community.

Most people of us have a connection 
with Chiron and Uranus:
if we not deal with our wound,
we can not be totally free....
our 'child mind' takes over
and we 'have to ' rebel, point fingers....

Society, groups of people, war lords, family,
all signs of Uranus.

like-minded people can also be stubborn,
'our way is the only way'
that is NOT a sign of Uranus,
that is a sign of Saturn.....

Uranus respect all people
and believes that together we make society,
we can have different opinions,
we should!

By different opinions,
we see all sides,
and can make a conscious decision.
We can change our opinion....
if our mind is open
and we are grounded,
If we feel safe to be ourselves.

Doctors who treated the first Covid patients in the ICU,
had to do in a way that they thought was best:
they didn't know anything about this virus,
so that was challenging....
Now patients are treated in a different way....
they were open to learn and not afraid 
to say they did what they thought was best,
only now they know better.....

If we Know more, 
we can make changes.
If we are insecure about ourselves,
our mind is closed
and we can not go from Saturn to Uranus...
we will be 'stuck' in Chiron....

Can we BE the change,
can I be the change.....

We planned to go to London

to see our son and bonus daughter,

as soon as it was possible to fly.

Everything went well

till the last minute.....

Just before going to the airport

I saw lot's of messages on whatsapp,

the last one was a not so happy smily face...

What happened?!?

Our daughter came back from Congo.

We didn't see her for a long, long time,

and she had to be in quarantine for 2 weeks.

She was healthy

and after a few days,

we decided to go and visit her.

We hugged her and talked.

It was only a few hours and....

it felt good :-)

Officially we were not supposed to see her,

but we choose to do so:

seeing her was to important

and 'she wasn't sick'.

We didn't stay to long,

and accept for the hugs

we kept distance.

Meeting in a responsible way...

Our daughter couldn't wait to see her friends,

so she decided to take a covid 19 test.

She didn't have to take the test,

she choose to...

She got the results and.....

tested positive....

We took our responsibility:

we cancelled our flights 

and went in quarantine...

Health services called and 

it was great to hear,

that they didn't talk about fear,

they talked about responsibility.....

A part of me felt guilty:

'I didn't follow the rules'


'I will be punished'....

- my child mind.....-

This wasn't true,

they were glad we did what we had to do...

and we went in quarantine,

that we took our responsibility.

I learned much more from this call,

than reading all kind of articles....

Saturn: quilt, shame, responsibility....

Even though we didn't have symptoms,

we are part of a community.

So instead of going to the airport

we took action to change our plans


everything worked out fine.

Even though our flight was not refundable,

they were more than helpful and changed it,

the same with the hotel.....

How come we talk about all the things that go wrong,

instead of all the things that go right....

And how often do we want it

OUR way and are we not flexible

not trusting that another way could be better....

From today Uranus is retrograde....

Do you take time to look inside

to heal?

I hope so.

I hope we all can go over 'the bridge',

deal with our wound 'Chiron'

so we can be ourselves 

AND be part of the community.

Turn, turn, turn....

We went in quarantine,

perhaps not exactly in the way 'the rules' are....

We choose to be responsible

AND we choose for freedom....

We are lucky to live in an area 

where there is no Covid 19 at het moment,

and there is lot's of space.

So I went for walks and we went for bike rides.

Was this wrong

or was it taking responsibility for us,

without harming others.

We couldn't have done this

if we lived in an area with lot's of infections...

At the moment there are more and more people infected,

especially young people..

There will be more rules.....


I hope and wish that we can take responsibility for ourselves.

Deal with old hurt,

that makes us believe we can not be who we want to be,

that makes us believe we will be punished,

that forgot our talents,

our uniqueness

I hope and wish

we remember our uniqueness


that we are all ONE....

that we are part of the community

and the 'only' thing we have to do is:

Be love,

Be trust,

Be patient


Be open 

to attract all we desire.

What is your choice?

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