Tuesday 23 February 2021


Do you have the will to doubt,

realising you don't know it all and....

you don't have to.....

You 'only' have to know 

what is important for you.... 

Also remember 

that you can ask for help.

When you listen to the answer,

make sure your mind is open,

so you can hear the answer....

How is your body?
Do you listen to it?
Especially now in this pandemic?

What signs does it give you?
Do you develop 'corona kilo's' ?
Do you feel fear,
feel guilty
feel restless,
or do you doubt yourself?

If you do,
you Know 
you need to ground yourself a bit more:
it doesn't mean your aren't grounded....
just not 100% ...yet.

Negative thoughts, 
expecting something from yourself
that you think others expect from you,
gives you stress.
Stress effects your body and soul....

If you feel energised and happy
even though there are challenges,
you Know you are doing 
something that is good for you...

It sounds so easy,
'just' think happy thoughts.
I am sure all of you would do it all the time
if it was that easy.

How come these negative thoughts come up so often?
For me, the only reason they do,
is to realise we have them,
so we can deal with them.
Realising we got them in a time
when there wasn't enough love,
love we can give to ourselves now 
so these thought can go
and be replaced by positive ones.

In the past 
they must have been so good for us
or else we never would have kept them.
They helped us to work hard,
to proof ourselves,
to make sure others would love us....
How persistent these thoughts can be....

I still catch myself putting myself down and
blaming myself....
The big difference from years ago 
is that I 'catch' these thoughts earlier
and choose to change them.
I didn't even realise these thoughts....

We are in the after shadow of Mercury retrograde:
did you caught 
negative thoughts the last month?
I wish and hope you did and.....
I hope you can decide to let them go.

I did.....
A part of me still believed 
that I could deliberately hurt 
people by my actions....
How did I know?
I got mirrors, 
was projecting,
felt guilty,
started defended myself and....

I took time to feel,
found old letters
with important messages
and realised an old pattern.....
Selflove needs time to grow...

The 10 lessons for kids,
are the lessons for adults as well,
lessons for us all....

If we want to instill it in our kids,
our young adults,
we first have to show them ourselves
not only talk about them....

I appreciate prime ministers, presidents,
kings, managers if they show this....
For me it shows power,
it shows grounding.

I appreciate people who take time to 
re-juvenate, re-charge and re-balance.
Take time for themselves and their family.
Those people take their job seriously:
they make sure they have enough energy
to be the best they can be for others.

So moms, dads:
take your time to re-juvenate,
re-charge and re-balance,
so you can be the best parents you can be.
You are more important 
than you realise....

And what about you?
Do you take care of your body?
How do you do it and.....
could you do something different to make it even better?

Do you make sure you balance the news you read and see,
and take time to think for yourself?
Do you make time to connect with people,
if not by meeting them in person,
but by phone or video?
Do you treat yourself as you would treat others?
With care and compassion,
with love and understanding?

If you do,
then you are 'ascending'....
you are working 
with this Saturn/Uranus square,
and help building a new society.

For me it means:
keep on walking,
being thankful,
saying sorry,
being helpful,
distance myself from all kind of opinions,
eat healthy,
buy flowers
accepting what is and
enjoying life.

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