Friday 14 May 2021

Choose and trust....

Can you enjoy were you are now?
I stayed with an uncomfortable emotion....
-my last blog-
not the first time that I felt it,
but the second and third time....

The third time, 
I even talked about it,
just to make sure that
I would not 'run away' from the feeling.

I realised that talking about it
was a big step: 
I accepted it and let go of guilt and shame....

 May 13, Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion

and healing went into Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of the chart:

the end, All, the sea, spirituality, letting go,

trusting that you will being helped,

that there is enough for all.

Also the sign that needs boundaries

or there will be confusion, chaos, fog,

victim ship instead of healing.

It is a time of healing family karma,

letting go of old habits and patterns.

It is the time to go in.....

Families are a testing ground

for all our experiences in life....

We learn to deal with structure and rules,

we learn to deal with ourselves and with others,

and we learn what we like and what we don't like,

we learn how to use our energy to set boundaries.

When we go outside our family structure,

we already 'know' how to deal with others....

we take that with us 

and deal in the same way with the outside world.

Do you feel free?

Do you feel restricted?

If you do, realise it is INSIDE of you......

Saturn has to do with rules, structures and family karma,

Uranus is helping you to be YOU....

letting go of rules and regulations that are outdated

and.....that you are part of a bigger family...

the human race.....

So, I agree: 

you don't have to accept the things you are not ok with


you have to remember you are part of 'the human race' as well....

Do you take time to sit with your emotion.....

accept it in yourself

or do you stay with the feeling 

that you are a victim....

With Jupiter in Pisces

we get the change to look at our own family first:

are we prepared to let go of karma

to heal, to grow....

Are we talking from peace, from inner power,

from intuition,

or are we talking from anger and frustration,

from emotion....

Jupiter will go back in Aquarius the end of July 

till the end of December,

before it will stay in Pisces till next spring.

Can we heal inside and take a big step 

into growing and healing as society?

Are we prepared to respect each other,

be innovative, optimistic for the future.

Are we open to work on solutions, working together

or do we still believe it is them against us.....

We will see:

There are groups against each other.....Israel/Palestine.

Party's who need to work together to form a cabinet in Holland.

Can we open borders and trust or do we still need al restrictions.....

Are we ready to live and expect the best

or need we more time living in survival mode....

I hope and wish 

you enjoy today,

be grateful and show gratitude,

so you can be a magnet and attracts more of this energy.

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