Friday 21 May 2021

Let's start creating...

Mercury had 'a tail' this time,

like a comet....

A comet in the sky is a messenger of change....

Mercury, Venus and the North node 

were together on May 11th,

and opposite the South node: 

the point from the past....

Can we apply our wisdom in daily live.... 

Can we practice what we preach.....

Are we prepared to take the steps

or do we like to stay in our comfort place....

even if that place doesn't give us comfort....

Is everything we believe true?!?

How come country's are not standing up to Israel at the moment.....

Is it because a long time ago 

something terrible happened to the people of Israel?

Do we all still have a part in us 

that we don't want to address?

Do we still, 

as collective,

feel quilt and shame,

and aren't ready to let it go.....yet?

Do we need the 'mirror of Israel'?

If we don't deal with it 

 we will keep this guilt and shame.

It will keep us 

from living the life we choose to live

and it has consequences....

It could be 

that the mirror from the Jews 

will transform to the Palestinians:

we will feel guilt and shame for not standing up 

for justice....

Why not deal with the quilt and shame in us,

so we can hold each other and our selves accountable.

Wouldn't it be great we get different 'mirrors' 

mirrors that makes us happy?

The south node can hold us back....

We can believe 'we know it all'

'we know best'

and are pointing fingers.....

not realising that if we point a finger,

tree fingers are pointing to ourselves......

We will keep getting 'mirrors' to 'help' us heal....

Let's start communicating,

listen instead of hear,

be open and accept and say 'sorry'.....

Life is not perfect

and perhaps that is why it is perfect.....

For me the corona, the war between Israel and Palestine

are 'just' signs.....

Signs to help us deal with our fear,

deal with guilt and shame.

Taking responsibility for us AND for each other.

The trauma from the Jews is big....

it shows what people can do to each other

if they forget they are One...

and also when you remember that you are...

'How could we let this happen?!?'

Could it be, 

that it is mirroring us with 

our own dealing with pain, regret and loss.

How do we deal with it?

How do we deal with the vulnerability 

of people who went through a loss?

Do we 'protect' them and

let them 'get away' with things

because 'they are going through a tough time'


because 'we should have been there for them'....

Do we realise that if this goes on to long,

it is not grieving anymore 

it is keeping someone in a victim state?

They will and...

you will as well.

Life is not meant to be standing still,

life should be going on, growing

and you can not grow as you are meant to be,

if you let old outdated habits go on.

'Mistakes' are part of growing of learning,

saying sorry and taking responsibility as well.

We all have to deal with our fears

if we want to go on,

if we choose to live.

If not,

we are only surviving.....

and missing out......

A comet is a bringer of change.

Mercury has to do with communication:

where in your live do you need change?

Were in your live is still fear, regret,

guilt and/or shame?

Are you prepared to let it go?

Do you realise that you ALWAYS 

did the best you could.....

Are you prepared to forgive your self were needed

and choose different were you want to

and start to heal,

grow stronger and deeper roots...

Mercury will go retrograde the end of the month,

Saturn in a few days:

we get more signs to heal old outdated parts inside us.

Look close,

in your family,

your neighbourhood

and in your own mind:

do you talk to yourself as you want others to talk to you?

You should.

You can start 
to create the world you choose.
Remember your power,
remember your love.
Remember we are One,
and doing the best we can.

Start your little world of peace and abundance,
and let it grow bigger.
Make peace with yourself,
people around you
and start create the world you desire.

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