Thursday 27 May 2021

Walk your path and be open.....

Sometimes it feels lonely 
if you have to walk your own path,
but if you take time to look around 
and inside yourself,
you realise you are always with yourself.......
and I hope and wish 
you all are happy with yourself..
everyday a little bit more...

Last week we got great news:
our granddaughter would come to visit!
-our son and bonus daughter as well, only....
Zoe is a bit more special now ;-)-
For lots of people this could sound 'normal',
for us however,
it is extra special,
especially because they live in London and...
it is 'corona time'.

We had very special days:
the whole family together,
especially in these times, 
is special and..... 
I realise how grateful I am for all of them.

I also realise 
that each of them walk their own path,
and that it is not always an easy path.
They see challenges instead of problems
and instead of blaming and finding excuses
they deal with what is going on right now.
Whatever is happening, they find ways
to make sure 
they enjoy life.

It is perhaps not an easy path, 
but a path worth living and...
that is most important!

Everyone of us has to go through 'storms',
and it helps 
if you realise they will not stay,
they will end....
In challenging times it is important 
to take time to enjoy life,
find the good things, 
things that make you happy,
so you have energy to deal with the challenges..

I realise that our children walk their own path,
as do there relationships and friends.
They walk and trust,
make choices to live a happy life.

I am grateful and proud of the people they are now
and am curious 
what they will manifest more in their life.
It will be manifesting from love instead of fear:
what a great way to live.
It makes me very optimistic for the future :-)

I realise that I, 
going through my storms,
are helped them by
going trough theirs...


they helped/are helping me going through mine.
They are also mirrors for me....
still are....
and I am grateful for this.

Loes made this picture.

It looked like the stork is 'pushing me'....
Isn't this a nice metaphor
for having children as mirrors.....
From the start of their life,
they 'push' you to look inside yourself,
to deal with your emotions,
so you become strong and grounded,
the person you are meant to be


-if you decide not to look-
you will stay with your -old- emotions
and end up 'in the water'.....

For people who don't have children:
your friends will mirror you in the same way,
your family will 
as will children who will 'visit' you on your path....

We walked in beautiful gardens
on the day of the super moon and lunar eclipse.
That day, 
I saw old emotions coming up in others
and realised they were also a mirror for me....
I realised that later in the day ;-)

I reacted instead of responding towards Jaap.....
and realised it only because I had a talk about it.... 

I wasn't in the now,
I reacted from 'past hurt'......
something no one can change, 
only I can....
I realised that even though I recognized the pattern,
I was not able to 'only' respond...
there was still some old emotion in my reaction ;-),
I wasn't 'neutral'....yet...

'Now is all there is'......
If you are in peace and harmony,
then 'the Now' is without past hurt....
If not,
you Know old hurt is involved
and you 'have to' go to the past 
if you choose peace an harmony in your life....
You have to go to the past to heal 
and to let go.

Can you accept your 'mirrors'
or do you feel offended?
Are you prepared to deal with your fear.....
Fear of not being the person you are 'supposed' to be,
fear of rejection...
Are you prepared to remember you are love
and that the people who are supposed to be with you,
will stay, 
be there or 
are on there way to you....

Are you open to connect Saturn with Uranus.....
Being you, unique.....
Walk your path and be happy
and by doing so,
give everyone around you permission to do the same?

Do you Believe this is possible?
Are you open for it?
I am.....and 
I hope there will be a 'new virus':

Respect, trust, love, compassion, connection
and happiness, everywhere you go.
Each of us walking their own path
and  connecting when we meet.
Trusting each others knowledge and wisdom,
and use it and share it.

Wouldn't that be a great 'new virus'?


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