Saturday 8 May 2021

Sugar coating....

I bought peonies,

the favorite flower of my mom.

One was blooming, the others didn't....

they even looked like dying.

Then I remembered that the flower buds

sometimes are covered with a sugar coating

and can not bloom because of this....

I rinsed them with warm water:

'if it doesn't work than it is ok as well,

they will not bloom if I don't do anything.'

A few hours later I already saw the color of the flower

and then they started to bloom.

The first flower blooming 

is already losing it's original colour:

still beautiful.

The others remind me of how it was before...

Sugar coating.....

For peonies it is not working,

if they want to bloom......

How is it with us?

How is it with our kids?

How is it with our society?

Where are we 'sugar coated',

so we don't have to bloom,

to show ourselves,

to be authentic,

use our unique inner power

and shine....

I had to help put the coating away,

not knowing what would happen


I was amazed.....

Do you ask for help if needed?

Sometimes it is not 'sugar coating' that prevents

us from 'blooming',

sometimes we hold on to something that is already dead....

We have two trees in the back yard,

and one of them is a Rowan tree.

I wrote about this tree in an earlier blog:

after the renovation we had to cut part of a root

and apparently it didn't get enough water.

We hoped it would be ok, but this year,

we saw lot's of branches that looked dead....

We gave it time and yesterday

we start cutting some branches...

They were dead, 

no live in it anymore.

We only kept the ones that showed new leaves....

lot's had to go....

Now we have to be patient and see how it goes,

if the tree can go on and start new branches

or that there is something else going on 

and it has to go....

Isn't this what is happening in ourselves

and in society at the moment?

Are we prepared to let go of what was,

once good, 

but not now anymore,

we need something new/different.

Are we prepared to look close and 

also see what is good,

even if it is challenging,

but something we need to keep...

Do we have the wisdom to see were we are 'sugar coating' 

what we need to keep and have to let go...

Sometime balance looks like a fixed point,

the middle between two opposites:

it isn't,

it's a 'wobbly' point.....

If you are in a sad place,

you will realise that their are happy moments as well,

perhaps not a lot in the beginning, but always some....

Every life has happiness and sadness,

we are looking for a way in the middle....


a 'wobbly point'......

not a fixed one....

This 'wobbly point' helps us to grow,

to make changes if we choose to,

choose to, 

because we know better now...

This picture makes me happy


this as well.....

I am at a wobbly point....

finding a new balance...

I realise this tree is a mirror

just as the peonies are...

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