Thursday 6 May 2021


What makes YOU happy.....

Do you know?

Do you need someone else to make you happy?

Do you need shops to be open to make you happy?

Do you need restaurants and festivals to make you happy?

On May 15, Mercury will go into it's shadow 

and retrograde on May 28th....

Are you prepared to get out of your mind

and into your heart?

Are you prepared to let go,

re-visit old feelings/situation

and go back into your heart,

back to Love?

Each of us has to go it's own path,

and together we are society.

Do we choose to stand outside society

or do we Know we are part of it,

that if we choose happiness,

we help others to choose happiness as well.....

Are you prepared to step in....

To respect others, 

even if they have other opinions,

to realise they are on their own path, 

just as you are on yours. 

Can you feel for them,

realise that they have a different past,

and different wounds to deal with.

Can you feel as much compassion for them

as for yourself?

On May 23 Saturn is going retrograde as well:

can you break out of the prison you build for yourself

and act from your heart instead of your pain?

This process of healing is not always easy and straight forward.

It takes time and our control mechanism is touched.....

Do we really trust or do we act from control.....

I watched the documentary 'My octopus teacher'

a documentary about healing, patience and trust,

about connection and letting go of control....

About finding happiness again

and that it takes time......

as much as needed.....

Nature is late this year....

it is much colder than last year.

Yesterday, May 5th, 

in Holland 'liberation day',

it was a stormy, windy day,

sun, rain and even hail.....

Perhaps this is how real liberation is,

different for all people.

Not as we think it should be, 

a sunny day full of happy people,


a process that is different for all people.

We all deal with it our own way:

sitting at home and look at it,

or standing, walking in it 

and deal with it....


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