Wednesday 18 December 2019

Looking back at 2019 part 4: Financial

'Look at the past,
it is the only way to understand the future'
-Marcel Wanders-

We learn from the past, 
so we can create a better future.

The last weeks I followed a documentary
about 'the men who went to Java'.
After the war a lot of soldiers 
had to go to Java, 'Indie'. 
In this documentary you get the story's
of the men who went there,
all of them around there 90's.
It was interesting for me:
it was as if I heard my dad talk....
'We had to go, we didn't have a choice,
but....we shouldn't have gone….
we didn't know what was really going on...'

I am sure all country's have story's in there past
that they are not proud of.
I am not sure if all the country's learned from there past,
are repeating the same over and over.....
I AM sure
that with raising the consciousness of the people,
it WILL stop......
I don't know when,
but I am sure it will…..

Nelson Mandela didn't want revenge,
he 'wanted' forgiveness….
It changed South Africa.
Is it ok there? No....not yet...
But I am sure Nelson Mandela
helped making it as peaceful as was possible
at that moment....

How is that in Irak, Hongkong, Libanon?
It is so easy to bring your own anger out in the world,
instead of looking inside….
Nelson Mandela had 'a right' to be very angry at the world….
instead he choose to go on and started with forgiveness...
He choose….

What did you choose this year?
Did you choose forgiveness, freedom,
or did you choose to blame…..
Whatever you did:
you can choose again :-)

Realise you only can choose,
if you feel you have the freedom to choose….
How free do you feel?

For me freedom has to do with yourself,
not with the country you live in.
In the middle east I met lots of woman
who lived a more free life than some woman in the west
even though some of them were covered,
when going outside!
Could it be that all the social media
let's some people think they have to be a certain way,
and they are not good as they are?

This castle in Vienna had these statues…..
How open are we now?
We can see guns and shooting on television,
and breastfeeding is not done….
How open are we?
Is it ok to show who we really are?

Do we take responsibility for our selves
or do we follow others even if we don't agree.
Can we be ourselves AND be part of society..

One of my goals for 2020
- To be more open, so I can help other people to be more open as well.
- To investigate information.....not everything is black and white:
   there is also shades of grey….

And so we come to the final pillar.
A pillar that is also not so 'black and white'..


For most people 
money and finance are one and the same.
That money is energy and is linked to power and love
is not always a connection.

If you were not happy about the money
that came to you in 2019,
then most likely
you didn't use 100% of your power....yet,
you didn't do what you really love
or you followed other people's dreams,
not your own...

Perhaps you followed trends,
you did what people expected from you,
or you compared yourself with others,
instead of looking inside
and be grateful who you are.
It could be that if you talked about this,
you find out some of your friends and/or family
think the same as you,,

How is it with celebrating Christmas?
Do you celebrate it how YOU want it to be,
or do you do it as you think it should be...
as we see in the adds on the billboards and media?

Time is money....
what is more important:
time with each other or 'stuff?
Can it be both
Money can also be a burden….
I know people with lots of money who are poor
and people with less money who are rich…..

-What if you change the word money in power and in love
and read it again…. 

Time is moneypower....
what is more important:
time with each other or 'stuff'?
Can it be both
Moneypower can also be a burden….
I know people with lots of moneypower who are poor
and people with less moneypower who are rich…..

Time is moneylove....
what is more important:
time with each other or 'stuff'?
Can it be both
Moneylove can also be a burden….
I know people with lots of moneylove who are poor
and people with less moneylove who are rich…..

Something to think about and...

….perhaps we need a 'reset'....

Do you focus on what you want,
or do you focus on what you don't have yet.
Do you KNOW, do you trust,
that the world is a safe place
or are there still some old issues/habits/patterns.
Do you choose to change
or do you want to keep the old patterns.
How does your ideal world look like?

Where would you go if you where money?
Be happy,
Be grateful,
Be yourself,
'Install Love'

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  1. "Finances - are cash sources, financial resources, their creation and movement, distribution and redistribution, usage, also economical relations, which are conditioned by intercalculations between the economical subjects, movement of cash sources, money circulation and usage".