Sunday 15 December 2019

Looking back at 2019, part 4: society....

Angels....we get so much help from them, only...
they are not always in the way we like it.
In this picture they look so 'sweet and nice'...
The messages they give us feel sometime not so 'sweet and nice':
can you still accept them if they feel 'harsh' sometimes?

Our mind can be very stubborn.
Stubborn to hold on to outdated beliefs....
sometimes we NEED 'harsh' situations to 'wake us up'....
at least I do ;-)
I don't have the urge to blame myself so much anymore :-)
I can accept and change and/or go on.

Astrology is still a big help for me.
It helps me to see patterns 
and recognise my blockages and also my growth.
At the moment I can even tast sweets again :-)
trusting and KNOWING the self healing power
and also accepting that sometimes you don't know....

A few of my goals for 2020:
-trusting my intuition more and letting go what is in front of it.

-Be patient….and help people to be patient as well,
 trusting that everything they need is already there...

This brings us to the next part:


Where do you live, where do you work,
are you happy with your work?
Do you feel appreciated,
do you appreciate your colleges?
Do you appreciate your clean work spot?
Do you talk to your colleges in person
or only by mail?

In this presentation Simon Sinek talks about Millenials

It says a lot about society now.
A big group of people are not happy 
and the biggest challenges
are job satisfaction and relations.
In this you tube film you realise that
the biggest challenge is:
wanting instant gratification...

Because of social media,
it seems we all have to be somewhere NOW....
as if a meaning full relationship doesn't take time...
isn't messy sometimes….

The same with jobs: 
it takes time to be where you want to be.
Time that confronts you with insecurity,
with not getting what you want NOW....
and determination to go on,
go through challenges,
and enjoy the way...

It is as if we 'forget' that we need practise 
and experience as well to be good at something.

With Netflix, 
we don't even have to wait for a next episode...
you can binge watch.….
instant gratification...

Can you be 'bored', 
can children be bored…..
using there creativity or.....
does it make us scared….

To have meaningful relationships in society
we have to engage in people….
know that energy comes into it as well,
as articulations and gestures.
We need to make 'mistakes', 
judge and.....find a way to make it good again,
to learn how to 'read' people,
and see how they mirror us.
People make society.....

How often do you use your phone?
What do you do, if your partner goes away for a little while:
do you look around and be patient
or do you get your phone and look for a message…..

Where were you raised,
how did you parents deal with there society.
Do you still use habits of them,
or do you have your own….
Do you Know your self worth...

Are you happy where you live,
is it safe,
do you feel relaxed,
are you part of society.

Did you move in 2019
or do you want to move in 2020,
do you want to make changes
in work, in participating,
so you want to take a course,
or do a new study
do you still have 'believes' that let you know
you can not change:
-can you be gay/lesbian/transgender and be accepted?
-can you raise kids in the way YOU want it,
or do you have to do it in a way 'your parents' expect you to do it.
Do you chose how to raise your kids or 
do you let society make the rules...
-are you in charge of your mobile or the mobile in charge of you.
-do you take time with your child, or do you give it your phone
if it demands it from you…...are you in charge or your child.

Can your child choose what he likes
or does he needs to go to a school,
do a study,
or go to an activity
that is 'social accepted'...
what is 'social accepted' ?!?

A job should make you happy
and it takes time to find out
if it is the right one.
Time to get the experience,
be patient with the proces:
good things take time.....
it shows you how determent you are..

If it doesn't work out,
if it doesn't make you happy,
then you should  change.....
YOU have a unique talent
Make sure you love what you do,
so you can attract the money you like.

It could be that 2019 didn't bring you
what you want yet,
that it was a time
that you still needed your 'old work' 
to prepare for the new.
Let 2020 be the year that brings you
work that is  as a hobby,
is going easy,
makes you happy
and let you help other people to get happy.
Choose to trust..

What can you do more for society:
Being a volunteer.
Taking care of sick or lonely people
Cleaning the environment
would it be better for you to take more rest..
so you can be a resting point 
in your relationship,
your family,
your friends,
your city/town,
your country.....

Realise YOU are the start of society.
What did you do in 2019
and what will you do in 2020.
How does the ideal society look like for you….

What about climate change:
do you feel ashamed of flying?
or blame people who are flying?
What about society's in change:
do you focus on the negative,
or do you choose to find the good...
Great song, great lyrics...

I loved seeing the children play in the hay, 
parents taking care of there own and other children. 
No devices, people talking 
and activities that needed human power 
-biking for a merry go round, to go round-

I hope that we can have a society that keeps the good of the 'old' 
and integrate the new: 
it is great that we have social media to connect with each other as well....
A restaurant in Vienna: 'Voll Pension'
Granny's bake cakes, grandpa's hand them out.
This together with help of young people, 
studying at the university….
what a great concept! 

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