Monday 9 December 2019

The 5 pillars....after body, relation, now 'Mind'...

3 years ago 
I wrote blogs about the 5 pillars as well
The relation pillar is still a challenge for me.
I realise it is so much better then it was and....
to put myself on nr 1 is quit a challenge.

I met lots of new people this year,
and in the renovation period I got also lot's of mirrors:
people who praised me for what I did,
and also thought I did more then I should do.
It was a bit strange to get this feedback.

We celebrated our 35 wedding anniversary 
and the patterns we developed are not always 'healthy'.
Now we are spending more time together
and it is as if it becomes clearer…..
Of course this has to do with my roll models as well:
my mom and dad,
and the family I was born in.
It is getting clearer now,
and it is great to let go and keep,
and start new habits together :-)

This is one of my goals for 2020 
for the relation pillar.
An other one is: 
letting go of the attachment of people
who are not good for me.
A part of me 'thinks' 
I still has to 'safe' people
even though I get signs…...
as if the signs don't want the best of me ;-)
Trusting, patience....

Quilt and shame is part of it as well.
Everyone has Saturn in it's chart,
not everyone in the same way.
Both quilt and shame
have to do with Saturn.
Do you still feel quilt and shame?
Next year we all get lot's of opportunity's to let go..
I am sure,
because of the energy of 2020.
Are you prepared to let go and 
start living instead of 'surviving'?

This brings us to the next Pillar:

The mind

You only can let go of patterns and
old habits if raise your consciousness.
'If you know better, you will do better'
For doing better you need courage
you HAVE this courage...
everyone of us has this!
If you don't feel it, 
it is just because something is blocked.

We are born in this world
to live in abundance and....
there is enough for everyone.
Not everyone want the same,
so you don't have to compete.
'Just' be yourself.
-easier said then done, I realise
AND I also have to remember:
 'one step at the time
brings you a long way!'

Do you live your dream or do you think:
'I am to old/ I am to young
'I am not good enough'
'They are so much better then me'
'It is easier to stay were I am'
'I didn't realise it yet, so it will never happen...'

How would it be if you decide to think:
'I have the perfect age'
'I am good at this'
'I practiced so often so now it is the time'

Realise you are your strongest critic,
you learned this to survive your youth.
Guilt and shame could be still blocking you.
Also realise you needed this to survive,
to make sure you were being loved.
You learned to work hard, go on and to survive and.
to live with the rules of society then
Now it is time to life and enjoy life,
and let go of rules that are old,
not needed in 2010 anymore.

For people who mis-use/mis-used power
 it will be a tough 2020.
The energy will feel 'brutal'...
It isn't is always neutral:
it is just making sure there will be balance again

For people who felt depressed in 2019,
I hope you will look for help,
look for people who see who YOU are,
who can help you 
so you can feel your
unique power again.
The internet gives you lot of answers.
You can find opinions about everything.
At the moment it is as if there is a competition:
people who are pro or anti,
as if we have to compete....
In Holland there is a program: 'Medialogica'.
It looks into important items in the media
and checks both sides......
It is not mean stream, 
and in a way I am shocked that these
wrong impressions can stay on
even though 'they' know it is wrong...
Be informed, be open....

Do you check or 
are you convinced you are right
and are not open anymore for other opinions….

Next year the energy will help you clear this.
Wanting control, not being open for other opinions
means there are some old blockages….
are you prepared to let go
and 'live in abundance?'

A very powerful healing energy is 
Forgiving others and yourself
gives you the opportunity
to start living in the NOW.
there is courage needed
to start living instead of surviving….
It is letting go of an immature ego.
A scared ego.....
have patient ....
for yourself
and the other...

Letting go of old patterns
is only possible if you accept you have them...

There are lot's of 'easy' ways to heal yourself,
like Reiki
H'o Oponopono
Tapping and
I know lot's of people who can 
do one or all of them
'forget' to use it.....
Realise Your power!

Emotion and Intuition are not the same!
Intuition is Knowing.
Emotion is often a way 
to run away from what is important.
Often there is blaming, anger and
feeling like a victim....
Emotions are also signs,
signs that 'something' old is touched:
take time to investigate yourself
or/and ask for help.
You are not a victim anymore...

What would you do,
if everything you wish for
and good is for you,
is already there.....

Do you have a lifecycle plan?
If not: are you making one for next year?

Realise next year is the beginning
of a new fase for us, for the world.

Stay grounded,
take your time to let go what you don't need anymore,
make sure you are honest to yourself
YOU are powerful beyond measure!

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