Thursday 19 December 2019

The 5 pillars and the tree.....balance....

We are all connected,
we are all one.
If we are in balance,
our family will be in balance,
When our family is in balance,
our city can be in balance.
If our city's are in balance,
the country can be in balance.
If the country's are in balance,
the world can be in balance.
Then we will have peace of earth.

                                                        ...a tree full of hearts…

If the 5 pillars are in balance,
you will feel happy and in peace.
All 5 are important,
the one not more then the other
you are as strong as your 'weakest link'.

What is your weakest link 
do you realise that if you 'work' on that,
all the other parts will grow automatically?
The 'only' thing you need is...
one day at a time...
Know that deep down you have the courage!

Are you making a life cycle plan?
Do you 'fail to plan and plan to fail'
or do you imagine YOUR bright future….

                                          ….you can not see the end, just go and trust...

I wish you all an amazing 2020.
It will be a year of responsibility,
letting go of what is not needed anymore
and a start 'of a new world'.
I hope it will be a year that 
brings you closer to yourself.
To the person you really are:
unconditional love,
powerful beyond measure.

I wish that all your most important relationships deepens, 
that you take time to meet them in person
and that you can Be….
also without phone ;-)
I wish you like minded people,
people who see the inner you,
who are there for you when you need them.

I hope and wish that your family,
is there for you as well,
and if not, 
that you can let them go in love.

I also wish you will attract people 
who make you happy,
make you feel safe
to go your OWN way,
be YOU.
Even if they don't understand it,
they will be there every step of the way,
so YOU can contribute to the world:
a world of peace and abundance.

..….great traffic lights in Vienna..

I also hope and wish
that you can do this all 
in a healthy body.
A body,
you take good care of, 
that is an amazing tool for your mind,
and listens to your guidance
as you are listening at it signs.

                                                             ….biking is fun :-)

I wish you wisdom and power
to let you voice be heard in society,
to take responsibility for yourself
and realise once more:
We are all ONE....

That you are open for new idea's,
and if necessary
change your opinion.
If you know better,
you can do better.

If anger and war in the world 
is a mirror, 
then I hope you see it as 'the black dot' on a white paper....
Let's focus on all the white,
there is so much good going on,
there is so much beauty.
If we can see this as well,
we will start working together even more
and a peaceful world will come sooner.

I also hope you are open for the unexpected….
you could be amazed..
                                                    ….our room in Vienna

Let's start with ourselves:
Imagine your ideal world...

For me it starts with ourselves:
Loving ourselves,
respect each other,
                                  …..we all fell out of heaven to have this earth experience ;-)

have fun 
enjoy life,
be compassionate,
be patient
and choose to be happy.
KNOW and realise
we are each others mirror….

Have an amazing Christmas time and a great 2020.
For all of you who had to let go of loved ones:
In spirit they are always there,
make sure you connect with the people around you
and share memories, so they still feel close!

For all the people who feel they 'have' to do things
this holiday season:
There are 24 hours in a day, make sure
you 'claim' some of them 
so you can do what YOU like!

For all the people who are 'afraid' of the scale
after the holidays:
There are 24 hours in a day, take half an hour
everyday to walk with loved ones or by yourself:
it makes a huge difference.

Love your self
Be grateful

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