Sunday 8 December 2019

The 5 pillars.......part 2 relations

We are holistic human beings 
and our body is part of who we are,
an important part,
but not less important then other parts.

When I look back at 2019, my body gave me some signs:
I got a tile on my leg, muscle pains in my hand,
and I lost my tast of sweet 
and everything tasted a little while: salty and 'icky'
All signs about my energy,
about patterns that are not for my highest good.
Patterns that I can choose to change....

My leg is healed nicely even if there is still a scar ;-),
my muscles are ok tast is better and....still challenging...
Perhaps it is a sign to let in more 'sweet' situations,
instead of 'icky' ones...

It is easy to focus on the bad things,
like a black dot on a white piece of paper
and forget about all the 'white'...

I am so grateful for my body.
It am stronger then I thought I was and
I could do a lot to help in the renovation of our house.
I walked, biked, hugged, traveled,
and saw lots of beautiful scenery's.

I read 'The seven Sisters' and a lot of books
about the results of trauma in peoples life,
especially trauma in children
I realised that our cell memory is amazing
it takes consciousness and courage to change this:
your body 'helps' with giving signs...

With these signs I realised
that there are still old patterns in my life,
that are not the best for me anymore...
So it brought me to relationships,
the relation with myself to begin with,
the relations in the beginning of my life
setting boundaries….healthy boundaries.

So for 2020 
here are some of my resolutions for my body:
- I will walk more -at least 3 times a week to be specific ;-)-
  -this is less then I did 2 years ago AND....I know 'small steps
   bring me far' and big steps can be 'scary' for my inner child 
   at the moment.....-
- I am going to try out new recipe's in the new kitchen.
  -starting with at least one every two weeks-
- I am enjoying the times that I do 'nothing'....that is ok as well.. 

With all this I realise how important the next pillar is:


The most important relation is the one with yourself.
How did you take care of you?
Did you do the things that made YOU happy,
or did you do the things that made OTHERS happy
and did you need a 'body sign' to let you know?
                                          You see me in the forest with beautiful autumn leaves...
                                          my eyes are closed:
                                          sometimes I don't want to see what is there…
                                          I prefer to see the ideal situation even though
                                          that is not always possible in this world….yet.

There are a lot of books that explain about the signs your body gives you. 
I like the book of Christiane Beerlandt: 
'De sleutel tot zelfbevrijding'/The key to Selflibaration'

The patterns and habits you have
start in the beginning of your life.

In what kind of familie were you born in?
Who are/were your parents?
What was there rol, how was there past
what was your rol in the family,
do you still 'play' this rol?

And -if you are a parent now-
are you a different parent 
then your parents were?
Do you blame your parents
or can you forgive them -and yourself-
Do you realise that you are not a child anymore
and can choose to change?
What did you have to do,
to make sure you were being loved?
are you still doing this?
-Actually, it IS your parents fault by B. Katz and P. Munching-

If you were hurt by people in 2019,
or had to deal with negative ones
or you had the feeling you had to defend yourself,
most likely 
there are still some old patterns in you...

Those people show you part of you
that you can not see yourself ….yet.
It is as looking in the mirror
and hoping that the reflection will change:
you have to wait forever...

We look in the mirror
to look if we are happy with what we see.
I we are not happy,
we use a brush,
go to the hairdresser,
get some other clothes
to make us happy 
with our reflection again.

Relational we look 'in the mirror'
by dealing with other people
and being in situations:
we can choose to judge,
demanding other people to change
or a situation to change.
However… in a mirror,
we only see the change if WE change.
And we can ask help.
-I also go to the hairdresser ;-)
 and by new clothes….-

The relationship with yourself
and your relationship with food is connected.
How sweet are you for your self,
and can you set boundaries -salt-.
It sounds so easy if people
say: I choose to eat less/more,
it is not only something of the body,
it also has to to with the relationship with yourself.

Your body can not deal with pesticides/additives,
relationships can not deal with negative people.
If you have them in your live,
you need to Detox/ letting go, 
so there is space for something new.

Did you let go of people?
How did it make you feel?
Was it your choice or
by age, illness or accident.
Can you be grateful,
or are you angry.
Do you give yourself time to grief,
or do you 'fight'
Do you give people space
to deepen the relation
or do you put your pain on the other
so not to look at your own….

Do you KNOW you ARE loved?
That you are exactly how you should be?
You don't have to do anything 
to proof it anymore...
If you do....
choose to let go
and let love in.

My 'body signs' showed me that setting boundaries
is an issue,
New people in my live showed me old patterns.
Old people in my live showed me the same….

Do you have people around you to stimulate you,
or do you have only people around you 
who want you to stay the same?
Realise that if YOU choose to love yourself,
your energy changes, 
so the relationships around you
have to change as well...
or have to go...

Can you and will you trust
that  you can BE yourself,
BE part of a group/family
and BE OPEN for new ones...

What kind of people do you want to attract in 2020?
What do YOU need?
Are you happy or 
is there something that could you make you happier?
Are there people that can help you and
are you open for help?

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