Thursday 18 February 2021

Human kind.....a hopeful history part 2

 In Holland there was a court case against the curfew.

They 'won'.....the curfew had to stop.....

The state appealed and now a hearing will be in a few days.

It will be interesting what will happen.

The same day there was a press conference 

from the prime minister and the minister of health

with children....

And I finished reading the book 

'Human kind, a hopeful history'

There is a part about people with power....

People of power act sometimes the same way

as people with brain damage:

they loose the ability to mirror,

something that is part of human beings, 

of who we are....

People who are insecure 

are easy manipulated. 

Leaders become leaders because they are loved,

people trust them and vote for them.

What happen after then, 


-as I see it-

if they dealt with their own insecurity or not....

It can be seen by their behaviour.

Can they mirror or can't they....

are they projecting and being emotional

or are they compassionate.

Do they want 'to win'.....

and by that they loose

or can they see 'the other side'

and find a way that is good for all....

A mature of immature ego.

Intrinsic motivated people will do what is needed

and feel good about it for themselves.

They are not motivated by money,

or outside praise.

They trust....even if others don't -

They do what they love to do and by that

live a happy life and attract exactly what they need. 

In Holland their is a man who started 'buurtzorg'.

He didn't like the way the care-system worked:

to much admin, to many managers and

not enough time for the professionals

to help the people who need the care.

Now there are groups of 5/7 district nurses

who work together, without a manager.

They make sure the people who need the care

will get it in the best way and....if they need 

help they can ask, but most of the time

they solve it themselves.

Their salary is higher, the care is better.

This man-Jos de Blok- trusted and believed.

He showed by the success of this 

that he was right:

in all of us there is a leader

who likes to work to together

for a bigger goal.

In France you have the same with a factory:

The director gave the power back to the workers

and.....they worked it out together

and became successful.

If people do what they love,

they don't need 'a boss' to tell them what to do,

they will take responsibility.

Is this possible for our society as well?

How is it with children?

How do we treat them?

Do we believe they are powerful as well?

Do we trust that they have leaders quality's?

How is this shown in the education system?

Often we say to children 

'I am so proud of you!'

and that sounds great only.....

it could let them believe

that THAT is important:

that others are proud of you....

and instead of intrinsic motivated,

they will be eccentric motivated.....

They can let believe that they

have to do, what others want them to do.....

How would it be 

if we change this and say:

'You must be so proud of your self'.....

Could it be that they would be 

more intrinsic motivated

and follow their dreams

instead of what people are expecting of them.

Do we as parents/society 

still believe we know best.....

I hear people talking about 'lost years' because of the corona,

couldn't it be that this is just what they need?

Could it be that this will be the change:

young people will be the leaders of tomorrow.....

When people

looked at successful resistance movement since 1900,

they found that peaceful ones had a success rate of 50%

and the violent ones 26%...

Self-control was the most important difference in both....

Nelson Mandela is a great example:

he invested in people,

looked them in the eye,

could understand the other side

and show them his side....

Can we be the people who

are part of a peaceful movement,

a successful one,

that help change the world.

Can we be the people 

who see each others leadership,

each others strength

and look each other in the eye,

Knowing we all do the best we can

till we know different

and then we do different.

Just don't quit.....

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