Tuesday 9 February 2021

Snow.......something you can see....

While walking in the snow,

I saw a young man with a wheelbarrow of snow,

I realised that he was cleaning a big plot on a business park

and .....it was huge...

'Wauw, that is a lot more than we have to do at home!'

He smiled and said:

'It's a lot less than they have to do in Siberia!

Have a nice day!'

Isn't it special that we all accept
the challenges of snow.
We slow down,
appreciate each other
and even if we don't like it to much,
we Know deep down,
being 'against it' doesn't help......

Is it easier to accept situations in our life
that we can see 
than situations that we can not see.....?

The coronavirus is also very disruptive
and instead of accepting,
a lot of people are 'fighting against' it....
Is this because we can 'not see' it?
We only can see 'the results' of it?
'What do you think is the biggest waste of time?'

'Comparing yourself with others'

Could it be that most of us as young children,
felt that not all was ok,
but we couldn't see it.....
We felt something was not done from love,
but looked like love....
not realising that our parents/caretakers
did the best they could,
but had their own issues as well......
We were comparing in this dual world,
and 'forgot' our uniqueness....
We forgot the basis rule: 
we are Love.....

We didn't see it, 
like we do snow,
the result of it....we saw...

We still see it in society....
If there is love,
there is no competition.
If there is love,
you trust others.
If there is love,
you know there is always enough time.
If there is love,
you are relaxed.

What do you see around you?
What do you feel........?

In the beginning of the curfew in Holland,
young people where acting out,
and.....they will be 'punished'.

Some people think it should be in a tough way,
and I can understand that
they should be hold accountable,
can we let them be accountable
AND also listen to them
find out
why.....they act as they do.....
so it can change.....
'What would love do?'

How come there is so much 'fake news'....
Is it because we are 'used' to 'fake'
perhaps a part in us is fake......?
A part in us we can not see,
but feel....
Are we taking responsibility
or do we repeat what happened to us....
Living a life that looks good
but it isn't how we feel inside....

The challenges of the snow
will not go away in a few days....
in between you can choose to enjoy it
or being angry at it......
Your choice....

If you choose to enjoy it,
you also have to take responsibility
to be safe: 
shoveling snow,
driving slowly,
make sure the heating in your house can take it,
looking after people who can not go outside
and need help,
or make sure animals who need help, get it.

If you choose to be angry,
your immune system will feel it,
and will not be as good as it should be,
you will focus on all the 'bad things'
and....you will get more of it....

The snow will not go sooner than it is ready...
the only thing you can do,
is being patient.....
trust it will go away.....

This virus will go away,
just like the snow will....
Can you trust, 
just like with the snow,
live will get easier?
We need some patience
and can choose in the meantime
to focus on what we Can do,
on what we want....
-it will also boost our immune system
and that will most likely shorten the 
stay of the virus....-

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