Wednesday 3 February 2021

Life happens while you make other plans.....


When Barack Obama started as president,

there was a lot of resentment between the party's

and even though he wanted to work together,

it wasn't tolerated.

If people from the Republican party worked with him,

than this worked out as a 'career-suicide' for them,

it was not tolerated..

'I didn't want to believe that this was all our politics had to offer. I hadn't run simply to fan anger and allocate blame. I had run to rebuild the American people's trust -not just in the government but in one another. If we trusted one another, democracy worked. If we trusted one another, the social compact held, and we could solve big problems......'

'......the crisis had also made people more angry, more fearful, more convinced that the fix was easy that anger could be channeled, how useful fear could be in advancing their cause.'

-from 'a promised land' Barack Obama-

All of us have a choice.....

We can not live in a world of peace,

if there is no peace in ourselves......

The lockdown is extended till March,

same as in lots of country's.

Do you trust the rules and regulations,

or don't you?

Do you fight or do you connect......

connect with yourself.....

I saw the movie 'Penguin bloom'

Penguin Bloom (2020) - IMD

A true story about a family of 5.

On there holiday in Thailand she get's an accident

and all of a sudden live is not what they had imagined.....

'Life happened while they made other plans....'

A magpie falls from a tree

and can not fly anymore.

It needs to be fed and....loved.

One of the kids is doing all of this.....

This magpie, Penguin,

helps turn their life around again.....


accepting help,

forgiveness and 

realising that you are more powerful than you realise.

Letting go of control and trust....

Let Mercury help you 
to let go of thoughts that are not the best for you.
Accept and choose what you CAN do.
Realise you are a soul with a human experience:
your soul Knows.....

In an interview David Bowie
talks about dead:
'I can not understand why people are afraid of dying.
It is the only thing we know for sure:
we all will die....
If you are afraid of dying,
you are not living
and life is to great,
to waist time by being afraid.....'

Did we learn from 2008,
are we ready to change,
did we heal enough,
or is there more healing necessary?

Do we choose to work together,
or do we need more work 
to build an healthy ego?
Do we realise that
'an eye for an eye makes the world blind'

Can we live by the '7 rules of life' 

I wish you all peace and happiness:
accept what you can not change
and change what you can and want to change.
Also the wisdom to know the difference between these two....

....isn't this the prayer to stop addiction,
letting go of the feeling of being a victim.....

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