Thursday 11 February 2021

What healing looks like.....

 Isn't this our wish?

'Just' sitting and relaxing,

meditating and......

as by a miracle we will be healed.....

To bad, or perhaps just good,

it doesn't work that way.

It is a bit more complicated

and it is even more complicated 

if you don't deal with it.....

Most likely 

most of you will feel an emotional reaction to this:

feel it......

Is it one of quilt and shame,

one of anger and projection

or one of compassion and accepting?

Realising there is not competition,

we all have our own path....

Can you focus on yourself
and being grateful for YOUR path,
or do you compare yourself to others
and by that, 
neglecting your own growth
your own healing.

We are all unique
and that makes the world so interesting.
It makes sure there is enough for everyone,
because we don't all want the same.
Not the same profession, 
not the same partner,
not the same hobby's,
not the same house,
not the same holiday's.

Or didn't we heal enough......
did we forget what makes US happy
and do we want what media/society 
tells us/let us believe
what should make us happy...

Do we still feel that at a certain age
we all should do certain 'things'.....?
I started my working life at an early age,
and had to learn later on
that fun was part of life as well....
Was this wrong?
No....for me it was my way....
I needed 3 exams to get my driving license.
Was this wrong?
No....I am sure some needed less,
and some needed more time and.....
it doesn't mean one is better or worse at driving...

Focus on what makes you happy,
take small steps.....
it brings you far and...
if you celebrate each step,
you have so much more to celebrate,
so much more times to focus on being grateful,
less stress and
so much more focus 
on a strong immune system....

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