Friday 5 February 2021

Visualise and imagine....

What do you do now

to be more in balance,

be more at peace,

respect and treat 

yourself with compassion?

It seems that a lot of people 

had a same dream, an image

they were visualising:

a holiday's in the snow!

It will be manifesting in Holland this weekend....

There will be lot's of snow 

and it will be very cold.

It will most likely slow everyone down a bit more as well

and probably will make lot's of people very happy.

I am sure we get a change to let go of control

and accept.......

accept and find joy.

Most likely even the people who don't like the cold

will love looking at children 

in snowball fights or building snowman together.

Other people are talking about the thickness of the ice,

and talk about old times when people could

skate every year.

They talk about the 'Elfstedentocht',

a skaterace through eleven towns on ice:

would there be one this year?!?

This all is happening at the same time

as  we have the square of Saturn and Uranus:

This is effecting all of us,

and there will be challenges.

Challenges when you have to go outside,

when you need to travel.

You need to be patient,

you have to be careful,

and you also realise 

that we are in it together.....

In the snow and the ice,

we realise WE have to take care....

and we trust that others will do the same...

We have to be careful in traffic 

because it effects others.

Being compassionate for each other

because sometimes the road is to slippery

and 'it is out of your hand'.....

Sometimes you can only do as much as you can

to make the damage as small as possible...

Wouldn't it be great if choose

to react in a same way about the Covid 19....

Realising that we all do the best we can,

we make mistakes

because it is 'out of our hand' sometimes....

Let's choose to be responsible and compassionate....

What am I doing to be more in balance,

more in peace?

I walk everyday.....

These walks are also meditations....

old patterns come up.

I re-visited situations in my life

where I still blamed myself......

I stayed with this feeling 

and could see the bigger picture,

could understand, accept and let go.....

More compassionate with myself.

Because of that 

I feel more at peace with myself,

realising that it is more quiet inside of me.

-I also realise I eat less chocolate ;-)-

I realise that there is a still a part of me

that believes that 'doing' is what life is about....

so this lockdown helps me to go deeper.....

I still have some work to do ;-)

I also watch documentary's and

realise more and more how important

raising your consciousness is.

How important raising children is,

and the key is loving yourself. 

I bought a voucher from my hairstylist,

to use when it is possible again

I bought vouchers from the sauna

and gave them to Jaap:

so we can enjoy that together....

Let's imagine what we really want

and watch it manifesting.....

like the 'snow holiday' in Holland next week...

What do you imagine?

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