Thursday 29 April 2021


 This is an image of the energy of Pluto.....

The planet Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008 

and will stay there till  2024.

A time of big change for us all as society.

Pluto digs up destructive and unconscious patterns.

It confronts you/us who you/we really are.

It is about dead, rebirth and transformation,

often painful, 

always necessary and liberating...

It's about The truth....

Pluto doesn't give us a choice,

you HAVE to deal with it and

YOU have to deal with it.....

no one else can do it for you......

The only choice Pluto will give you

is how you are going to deal with it......

Can you accept, grieve and move on 

or do you choose to 

not accept, fight and stay a victim....

For people who know their Astrological chart:

the house were Pluto is transiting, 

is where you will feel this energy.

There the transformation takes place....

For me it is the fourth house:

family, emotional safety, home...

a lot of transformation took place already.

All little children are like this.......

Let's remember this!

Also let us realise that 

it is so easy to forget 

what life is really about.

That life is about You......

You as centre and You as mirror,

You as part of One....

If we, as parents, have old patterns, 

children feel and react to them.

If we as society have old patterns

people feel and react to them as well.

With Pluto in Capricorn now,

they need to change....

It is time to see, 

accept and transform these old patterns

so the new generation 

can be who they are from the inside:

unique, authentic and love.

Can we give children the feeling that

they are good just the way they are

or do we have to label them.....


do they have to go through

the same process we had to go through....again....

Do we, as society,

transform, respect and see each other

so we can live in a peaceful new society


do we keep focussing on what's wrong,

keep putting labels on people and groups,

so we don't have to take our responsibility

to really transform......

do we need more 'Covids' wake us up

We as society changed since 2008.

The middle east started changing,

dictators had to go


new ones stood up...

Most of us found 'our voice',

and extreme groups, 

left and right, were born.

We see leadership from inner power

and leadership of power/dictatorship.

Pluto makes sure it comes up.....

secrets will be revealed

and the truth will come out...

own way or the other.

Painful sometimes, but necessary...

Empathy.......and a mature ego.

How is this in politics.....

Who did we choose?

Did we choose a man/woman

who looked nice,

promised to make our life easier

and are they doing this


did we choose an immature ego

who needs power

because of unsolved issues themselves...


what is it mirroring us/me....


Pluto is also power/primal force.
This power can be transforming
or destroying.....

The power you see in people 
while knowing a loved one is in danger 
and need to be saved...

The power you see in people
while going through an emotional period 
after loosing a loved one.

The power you see in people
while recovering of a deadly disease.

The power you see in people
while going through a divorce.

The power you see in people
while transforming their business
so they can survive and even thrive
in this challenging time 
with lot's of restrictions.... 

How many secrets will be revealed,

how many truths will come in the open

the coming time....

What about you?

Are you prepared to dig deep,

transform destructive and unconscious patterns?

Are you going for your own 'rebirth'?

Do you realize you have this primal force,

this Pluto energy in side you?

How are you going to use it?

And are you enjoying life in the meantime

and be nice to yourself?

You should!

You are doing an amazing 'job'!

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