Sunday 1 November 2020

Astrology......comfort zones and spiral paths...

 Astrology is a way to see this 'spiral'.

Planets have cycles and they are all different.

The cycle of the moon is 28 days,

so every 28 days one of our planets is touched by the moon.

This is a healing cycle: can you deal with YOUR emotions,

or are you reacting to others/the world....

How do you feel when there is a full moon?

The cycle of the sun, 365 days.

Every year the sun is touching our planets a few time

in different way's. It helps you 'to shine', 

to be proud of yourself, to see your worth.

If you feel 'without light' in certain periods of the year,

most likely it touched houses in your chart,

where you feel you can not/are not allowed to shine....

I write 'feel'.....this is the moon,

the Sun and the Moon are important.

Jupiter will take 12 years for a cycle.

The planet of healing of growing.

Most of us started high school at that time....

Longer cycles are Saturn, about 28/29 years,

We get the chance to be responsible,

every 7 years it will give you an opportunity.

What did you when  where this age

and if you are not at the moment:

take your time to take responsibility, be patient ;-)

Uranus takes about 84 years to go round.

The planet of being yourself, unique.

Half way this cycle,

people are in their 'Astrological midlife crisis':

are you living YOUR live,

or the live that people expect from you?!?

So we are being 'helped' to heal,

we don't have to do it in one time,

we get more chances.

Like in school we get the time to get it right.

That is why these cycles are so important...

Some people are 'afraid' of Astrology,

expecting 'the worst'....

Astrology shows only an energy.....


if we are in balance

those transits are helping us to grow

to who we really are,

to heal and grow to 'light and Love'.

If we stayed to long in our comfort zone

a place that feels safe,

even though we are not happy in all the parts of our life,

then these transits can be shocking.....

Most of the time we didn't see the signs

or didn't want to see the signs.....

Our soul knows best....

I didn't know how powerful I was,

when I got cancer.....

Looking back, I got the signs,

only.....I thought I couldn't change it....

When I choose to live,

and wanting to see my children grow up,

I changed

I have to be honest:

we didn't live close to family members,

so I got a big help from the cosmos....

I even needed a Gulf war to be determent

and live by my morals and opinions.

After that, around my Astrological midlife crises,

I went back to Holland.....

Know I know I needed to.....

living abroad was my comfort zone.....

This month will be special:

When Mercury goes direct, 

we will get - or not- the result of the American elections.

It is the last month that Saturn is in Capricorn:

more government restrictions in lot's of country's,

do we need them still or can we be responsible ourselves.

Do we get all the facts or....are some of them not accurate....

Pluto and Jupiter come together for the last time,

Pluto's cycles are 248 years.....

so this is a very important one.....

At the end of this month Neptune goes direct:

will our eyes be opened?

Did we take time to look inside to let go of being a victim,

and Knowing we are connected and are One?

Enjoy this month,

enjoy autumn,

enjoy the extra time for you

and trust.....

Imagine a life, a world you

you want to live in,



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