Thursday 12 November 2020

Signs of the change in the world.

This transformational year is ending with

Donald Trump, showing us what old energy looks like:

it wants to stay, 

because letting go means taking responsibility,

and that is to confrontational.

Not wanting to take responsibility

shows in emotional reactions 

and because of that,

there is no focus on what's really going on,

like remembering he still has a job to do....

that he is also responsible for a country....

How is it with us, with you?

Can you let go of old energy,

or are you, like Donald Trump,

kicking and screaming....

afraid of dealing with the past

forgetting that accepting and healing 

will bring us to our real power.

All we do, 

all you do, 

all I do

have/has consequences,

and we have to deal with it,

like Donald Trump has to deal with his.

We have to deal with ours,

if we really want a long lasting change.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Also signs of the change in the world.

The oldest president ever and

the youngest vice president ever, 

female and

with Indian and Jamaican parents.

Joe Biden as part of the old energy:

let's keep the best and let go what is not working anymore

and Kamila Harris:

showing the future.....the Aquarius age:

we are all equal, unique 

and together we unite.

We all learned a lot from the past,

and I am sure that some of the things you learned

were helpful, and you like to keep them

take them with you and perhaps 

you want to pass them to the next generation.

I am also sure 

some of the things your learned,

you had to unlearn....

they didn't fit for you anymore

and you realised you have other unique talents, 

that you choose to develop.

If you think that you don't have those talents,

then this is not true....

Deep down you Know you have them,

probably you see the start of something new,

or you admire someone,

mirroring your unique talent...

It could be, that you needs some more time,

that you are not ready yet 

to shine...

'just' be patient.

This week Mars will go direct again,

and most likely 

we will have a definite result of the elections

and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can move forward.

If Donald Trump has still some unsolved issues,

you can expect Mars to be seen as more violent talks,

threatening speeches.....

signs of not taking action for his own life,

because most likely that is to confrontational....

How is it in your life?

Do you take the actions that are needed,

or is it still to confrontational as well?

Sore muscles, infections, cutting yourself,

are some of the signs.....

Other signs can be about boundaries:

did you build walls,

and are they needed to come down,

or did you forget that there is 'a door' needed...

Do you realise you don't have to let everyone in......

it is YOUR choice....

I  read a article of a journalist living in China,

she explained the difference 

between China and Holland 

dealing with the Corona virus.

In China the community is more important than the individual rights,

in Holland the individual rights are 'more important' 

than the group/community rights.

In China you have to go in quarantine,

you get your meals and be tested every day.

After some days,

and the tests are still negative,

you can go home.

The last test is not mandatory.

This journalist didn't want to take it:

all the others where already negative!


when she wanted to go home,

and the people in the neighbourhood 

found out she didn't take the last test,

the landlord refused to let her in....

In Holland there are protest,

people can let others know their opinions,

and some of these people are charismatic

but not always have all the knowledge 

They are followed by people without checking 

if what they tell is true...

Make sure you find your own truth....

You have 'Donald Trumps' in all kind of situations.....

We had a few weeks of more restrictions

and the numbers of infections are going down,

so much that most likely next week there will be less restrictions.

How will it be the coming years?

Can we be more and more responsible for ourselves

AND remember we are part of the community?

Do we need someone 'higher' up to remember us,

or did we heal enough.....

We get the time till 2023.....

Let's be patient,

let's be amazed....

these 4 years of President Joe Biden and Kamilla Harris

will show us the change to an Aquarius time.

I always like the image of Carnival,

it is the time of Aquarius in the sky:

all people dress different,

have a great time,

respect each other.

No difference if you are rich or poor,

man or woman,

young or old,

black, white, Asian or Latino.

That is the new age, the Aquarius Age.

Till then:

we go on healing,

enjoying life,



more healing,

more loving,

starting with ourselves.

Kamala Harris in her speech:

'Democracy is an act, not a fact.'

'We, the people have the power

to built a better future.'

'The people choose,

choose hope, science and truth.'

Let's use this in our own live:

we have the power,

we can choose to built a better future.

It is a fact,

it only happens if we act......

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