Friday 13 November 2020

Your own voice....

Your own voice....
What is your own voice?

Is the voice you listen to,
really your own?
Are you listening to your own voice,
or is it the voice of
your mom/your dad/your teacher/the priest/'president'..

Is it the voice of authorities in your youth
that you followed,
because it made you appreciated
and protected you of punishment
and did you 'forget' your own voice...

You know it is your own voice,
if it is nice, if it is loving,
if it is with respect and encouragement.

If not......
then it is not your own voice:
it most likely is the voice of authorities in your life,
from a time you were to small, 
to immature
to take responsibility for your own voice.

Decide to listen and be honest to yourself,
accept if there is a judging voice
KNOW it is not yours....

How is your body?
Is it healthy, full of energy
or doesn't it 'do what you would like'...
Did you cast a spell,
or are you still busy with casting a spell.....
are you still criticizing your inner child....

It is as talking to children:
how often do they hear us, adults speak in a way
with confusing energy: words and emotion conflicting....

How would it be 
if  we start taking ourselves seriously,
talk to our inner child 
in a respectful an loving way,
casting a different 'spell',
create miracles.....

If we take ourselves seriously,
we will do the same to our children,
and by 'our children' 
I mean 'all the children we meet',
also our inner-child.....

Children will feel first,
and even though we can think 
we are open and honest to them,
they will show us 
if we really are....
If they don't want to engage
it could be that we give mixed messages...
they feel something different 
than what they see....

They show us that 'our own voice'
is not our own voice yet.....

Can you be quiet,
open your mind
and do you prepare to relieve your suffering?
is there a part of you that believes,
it is the only way to be appreciated,
to feel safe...
Feels opening your mind
to 'scary'.....
and do you 'forget' that this suffering
will stay,
will go on to next generations...
You, as an adult
can start healing,
find your own voice
without projecting it in the outside world.

I had days of being more tired,
even days with headaches....
and then....
another sign of Mars happens:
I was stung by a bee...
on the bottom of my left foot...

A voice inside of me:
'take care of others'
'if they are not ok, you have to solve it'
'doing is better than Being,
you can Be if there is time left,
after you made sure everyone around you
is happy and healthy'...

I choose to listen to this voice
instead of listen to my own.....
The bee 'helped me' to Be :-)

This came a few days ago...
and I recognized it straight away,
I need the sting of a bee
to really do something about it...

How is it with you?
Do you still need 'tough' wake up calls,
or do you listen to soft ones as well?
do you judge yourself
can you let go of criticizing
and start accepting,
and be loving to this part inside of you..

Your own voice...
an important voice,
an unique voice,
a loving and respectful voice.
Invite it,
it makes you 
and everyone around you happy.


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