Wednesday 25 November 2020

Accepting, being grateful and heal....part 2


As you walk into nature,

you see many things that are not true....

These trees are not standing in the water,

they are a reflection....

To realise what is our truth,

we have to choose to learn, 

to investigate,

to grow wisdom.

If we choose to do this,

we need an open mind....

'Be like a child again':

curious, happy, believing in miracles

trusting 'mom and dad' -earth and cosmos-


merging this with the adult mind we have,

so we move from intelligence to wisdom.

This year helped us to see the mirrors,

and to realise that all we see and hear 

is not always true.

We have to look inside for our truth

and by doing that 

we can help heal the world.

'Old habits die hard'

Yes...they do,

because once, in the past,

we needed them

to feel safe.

Can we see them now as we see 

the trees in the water,

'just' as a reflection, as a mirror...?

Something we can change 

if we heal inside,

so we can see a different reflection,

get different mirrors......

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