Tuesday 24 November 2020

Accepting and being grateful....part 1

When I wrote my blog

about the numbers going down 

of people contaminated with Covid,

I didn't expect they would be

going up again for 3 days!

It wasn't what I imagined!

Wishful thinking:

we think we are already there,

so we are 'done healing'......


as we realise, we are not.... 

we have the choice to get worried,

or to trust and go on....

The prime minister in Holland wasn't to worried:

he saw a bigger picture,

instead of talking about fear,

he talked about 'the last week'

and 'it is getting better'

and 'we are not there yet'....

Isn't that how we should talk to ourselves?

Sometimes it's two steps forward, and one backward

and we focus on the step backward

and forget about the progress we made...

And then.....the numbers went down again,
and then up again....
'what is going on?!?'
even the prime minister sounded worried....
and now they are down again....

How do you react to numbers?
Do you act different?
Can you stay with yourself,
or do you judge?

This year is about growing wisdom,

realising things need to change...

We knew this, but apparently

didn't know how to make the changes ourselves,

so we got 'help'.

The 'help' from the Cosmos

is most of the time challenging for us,

it needs to be.....

or else we would stay in our comfort zone....

An illness, loss of people, loss of a job,

divorce and loss of 'freedom'

are challenges that we only can

solve if we go inside,

If we choose to heal, forgive and love.

I hope you can take time for your self

to think of the 'losses' you had this year.

I hope you can accept it and 

next to the mourning,

you also can see the silver lining,

can be grateful.

I hope and wish you Know you are moving forward,

even though it sometimes looks you are not:

two step forward, one step back

is also going forward.....

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