Monday 30 November 2020

Accepting, forgiving, being grateful and heal. Imagine......part 5/5

Just imagine,

there is no fear....

Just imagine.......

It is March 2020 and we get information about a virus,

a virus that is very contagious.

Just imagine, there is no fear.....

Leaders/prime ministers all around the world

talk to each other

and talk about solutions.

They know who to ask,

who to talk to,

and trust that in their databank

they have the right people to deal with this.

Just imagine, this is a world without fear....

All the leaders/prime ministers

 know they where chosen by their people,

they Know they work from integrity,

they Know their talent and Know were to find

the right people if needed.

They are 'the fathers' of their society,

they don't have to prove something,

they 'just' want to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.

as I said before: 'there is no fear'......

People listen to their leaders/prime ministers 

because they know they want the best for all.

They also realise 

that they have their own responsibility as well,

so they look inside and see where they can contribute

to help.

They make sure their immune system is

the best it can be and.....

help people around them

in the best way they can.

Imagine.....there is no fear.

Perhaps the leaders/prime ministers get extra information

to deal with this virus from experts.

If they do, they let people know.

People feel safe and keep on trusting.

Restaurants, theaters, movie theaters are still open.

They could, 

because there were no people

who needed to come to close,

for fear of leaving out....


people were relaxed.

There was respect without talking about it.


Remember: there was no fear.....

People corrected each other,

if needed and realised that 

'there is a time to live and a time to die'

Older people Knew they were at the end of their time on this earth,

and enjoyed life, shared experiences

and accepted that they would leave this life when the time was right.

Younger people loved the older ones,

they shared their life experiences 

and physically the younger people 

share their strength to help them.

So life was in balance.....

There was no fear....imagine....

People were traveling when they wanted to go places,

they took the necessary precautions and trusted everything would be ok.

Most of the time, they didn't need to go places,

they found rest and peace in themselves,


no fear of missing out....

There were no Black Friday's....

no need for them.....

Just imagine....there was no fear....

Could it be that in 2025,

people talk about 2020 in this way:

'Isn't is amazing that just 5 years ago

we lived by fear instead of love. 

We thought we had to deserve love,

and didn't realise we WHERE already love.

We needed to go through this,

or we would never have known.....'

Children listen to these story's and are amazed:

'how is it possible that people believed that?!?'

Older children still remember how it was

and can explain in their own way what it did for them,

so it will be something from the past....

Something to learn from.

And with this thought,

they still send love to this period,

to their parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

It was the year the world turned from 

fear to love.

It was the year people not only knew they were One,

they felt it....

Some people will say:

'what if we had known then,

that is was all about love.....'

And someone will answer:

'everything and everyone has it's time

and the world was not ready yet for 100% love,

they only could deal with 53%'

As the trees on the picture 

at the the beginning of this blog,

we are strong as well,

grounded...more and more.

let's remember,

and choose Love.

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