Thursday 26 November 2020

Accepting, being grateful, forgive and heal.....part 3

Do we want to go to the other side?

Do we want to go to 2021 and beyond?

Are we ready?

Can we add more love into our lives?

Intelligence+ love =Wisdom

Can we take this step,

accepting that we all 

have parts in us that needs to heal.

That we are all each others mirrors,

that we are all helping each other to see....

To see what we need to heal...

Listening again to OUR voice,

return to love and master ourselves.

Instead of feeling powerless, feeling a victim,


we can choose to use our power,

a power we forgot we had.

Remembering who we are

and start being ourselves again:

Being like the Sun....

'just shining', 

no need to prove,

or to defend, 

just being grateful,

enjoy and living life.


the planet of being all One,

spirituality, creativity,

unconditionally love,

will go direct again this weekend.

It is also the planet of 'fog',

dishonesty, manipulation in a subtle way.

These part you can heal by energy,

like Reiki, subtle energy....

healing energy we all have in us.

This planet went Retrograde in June,

after being in it's shadow from March.....

Isn't this about the time the virus,

also Neptune, 

got our attention?

Did we take the time to look inside,

heal the critical voice in ourselves,

dissolve personal boundaries

and realising we are all One?

'The blast' in Beirut

showed that we could be One:

in Holland they raised 11.5 million

and I am sure in other country's 

they did raise money as well..

The shadow of Neptune will be here

till next year March.

Did you heal YOUR trauma

or did your project.....

was it easier to be 'against' something....

Most likely it was something of both....

we are not saints....yet ;-)

Can we be the light?

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