Monday 16 November 2020

'First one home wins'

 'First one home, wins'.....

It is never about winning or losing,

it is about living your own life

in the middle of all the people around you.

Not only the people,

also all of nature....

We are all connected, we are all One.

If there was a plug in this world 

and we could take it out,

all the water would flow away:

you would see all the continents are connected...

The bee that stung me effected me,

air pollution effects us,

without nature no air to breath.

We are all connected.

How do you treat people around you?

Do you see them as part of you,

or do you prefer to judge....

In this case 'the first one home wins'....

going inside yourself,

deal with your stuff,

and live YOUR life,

share YOUR voice.

In Holland we celebrate Sinterklaas en 'zwarte' Piet.

The last years there is a call to let 'black Pete' go....

it is for some people about discrimination,

and now a group 

want to take out all the books 

with him in it from the library's...

Is this what we should do?

Pretend this never happened?

When I was young, 

I know some parents used black Pete

to scare kids: 'they take you to Spain if you are bad',


'they hit you when you did something wrong'

That changed, 

because most people didn't agree with this part of the story,

and Black Pete became the help of Sinterklaas,

a nice black person.

Do we have to delete the past,

or remember it,

just like we do with our own past....

Give it meaning that fits us,

the adult version of us......

'First one home wins'....

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