Friday 27 November 2020

Accepting, forgiving, heal.....part 4

'Be a light'

Neptune is also about 

the vulnerable people in society:

how do we deal with them?

How do we deal with our own vulnerability?

Are we in peace,

in peace with ourselves....

Perhaps the biggest 'thing' this year

is accepting and forgiving ourselves....

Forgiving yourself for not knowing

what you didn't know......

Every time you react instead of respond,

think about this.....

Add love, unconditionally love,

be in peace....

Most likely you can not forgive yourself

for not knowing what you didn't know at the time....

Realise you are older and wiser now

have compassion with this part of you.


so instead of 'war',

there will be peace inside of you.

Let's celebrate each others uniqueness,

and remember our own....

let's add love....

and go for peace.

Neptune is also about living,

our soul never dies....

How do you feel about death?

Are you afraid?

Can you accept that it is part of living,

part of healing and growing?

Every evening we let go of the day,

trust we wake up again,

and start a new one.....

Could it be that life is just like that:

living each day, enjoying, 

being at peace,

Knowing you can deal 

with everything that comes on your way.

And in the end:

let go and trust.....

We got a great reminder this year with Zoe, 

a new live, 

with a reminder:

the meaning of Zoe: life....

Let it be a reminder for all of us:

the year 2020 is the year 

we moved from surviving to living.

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