Wednesday 16 December 2020

And then there is the same eclipse as in 2001.....


We finished a cycle and are starting a new one.

Did we deal with our fears?

Do we get the right information?

Do we project or......

choose to look inside....

Holland started with a lockdown yesterday

till the middle of January.....

We can choose to complain,

or choose to look inside....

Choose to talk about what is wrong,

or choose to do what we can do to make it right....

If you feel bad about the restaurant closing,

choose to buy from them online.

If you feel bad about older people being alone,

choose to visit in a responsible way,

or send a cart or a present.

If you feel bad for yourself being 'locked up',

choose to walk outside for half an our everyday.

Choose something positive,

Choose to look 'in the mirror',

and be compassionate towards yourself.

In Amerika Joe Biden was named, 

by electoral votes,

the next president.

In a and speech he said:

'Mr. Trump refused to respect the will of the people'

From Jan. 14. it could be challenging days.....

It will not be a quiet inauguration......

Did we deal 

with all the misuse of power and corruption yet?

Can we start 'Utopia'?

On Dec. 18 Saturn will go into Aquarius

and on the 19 Jupiter will go as well.

On Dec 21 they come together.....

Will there be protest by Dec. 18?

It could be......

It could be from people who see that

some of the rules are not working 

and they should go,

because it is not good for society/people.

It could also be from people who didn't heal

the pain and hurt inside.....

they can 'rebel' break things,

don't show respect of others....

just because they don't respect themselves.....

In 2001 there were ideologies involved.

People who believed they were right

and because of that....

'the others were wrong'.....

Instead of listening to each other

and be open for the opinion of the other,

people reacted.....

on both sides.....

They believed they did it because 

the knew the truth....the only truth...

and by that,

lot's of people got killed.....

Did they really acted from 'the truth'


did they react from hurt....

Was it from fear of dealing with their hurt,

was it from fear of finding out that 

perhaps they were not right

and everything they believed in

was not true......

For me there is only one truth....


Love for each other

and it starts 

with loving ourselves first:

accepting, healing, forgiving.

This new cycle that started with the eclipse,

will finish in about 19 years from now:

how will we look back then?

Will we make sure it is different than this last one?

Did we grow and raise our consciousness enough?

Were we open enough 

and is our ego in balance

so we were open for other opinions

and could change our view 

if we realised there was a better one?

I hope so.....

I believe we have grown as society, 

as people.

We have learned to set boundaries,

we, more and more,

look inside of us to heal

instead of 'acting out'.

We realise,

more and more,

that we are all one.

Whatever our skin colour is,

whatever our religious believe is,

in whatever country we live,

and how our love live looks like.....

there is one truth.....

Love and:

love is kind,

love is patient,

love is understanding,

love is limitless.

Let's trust.....

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