Wednesday 9 December 2020

New beginnings.......part 6/6


I also looked at my life cycle plan again:

'a new start'

'I travel and take with me...MYSELF'

'Safe the world, start with myself'....

It could be a plan for 2021 as well ;-)

Real news:

The world is healing,

we are adding love,

healing ourselves,

accepting our path,

being grateful, forgive

and imagine a future.

A future of diversity,

of respect,

of connection with all

abundance, happiness and peace.

Realising that growing goes silently,

two steps forward, one back,

adding lots of love.

I saw the documentary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

'Imagine' was a song written mostly by Yoko Ono.....

She is an artist who wants people 

to think for them selves.....imagine....

It was challenging for her 

to live in a world 

were the rules and regulations 

were so much more 'strict', 

especially for a woman....

Then the world was not ready, 

are we now?

WE were not ready then, 

are You now....?


Enjoy the last weeks of 2020. 

Remember that the year started with fog....


A lot of things cleared:

we need to respect nature,

we need to respect ourselves,

we are all One.

We only can do this if we CHOOSE to,

if we are ready to see that change is needed...

There is still some 'fog'

as how I see it:

how come that after all the regulations

more and more people are infected.....

even after the restaurants, bars, theaters closed....

The number of people getting in the hospitals and IC

are about the same or getting less....

Is it as with the halo in the Formula 1

that I have to trust that our leaders lead by wisdom


is there power and money involved 

and is vaccination an easy way 

to earn more and a 'quick fix'.....

Shouldn't we start by focussing

on making our immune system stronger?

Focussing on dealing with our emotions?

Focussing on a healthy live style?

Focussing on nature?

Accepting that we can not always get what we want

but always get what is best for us?

Perhaps there is still some 'fog'.....

Will we need till March to get it cleared?!?

Are we ready to take the next step?

Can we go from fear to love,

back to ourselves...

Knowing if We do it,

we help each other.

Let's lead by example..

For 2021:

Let's imagine 

it to be one

full of peace and happiness,

respect and understanding,

good health and more freedom to travel.

Let it be full of gratitude 

and moments to remember.

Have an amazing 2021.

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