Wednesday 2 December 2020

New beginnings.....part 2


New beginnings and.....

we have time

to get it right....

Pluto will go into Aquarius in 2023,

time for new communities,

a new society:

most likely

we are we are not ready yet..

Pluto will stay there only for a few months:

in 2024 it will stay in Aquarius.

So we have time to get it right...

There is lot's of talk about Saturn and Pluto

moving signs this year and in a few years,

that you  almost could forget Uranus.

This planet will stay in Taurus, till July 2025.

The sign of nature, of feeling safe, protected.

Can we feel safe and secure in ourselves,

in our community?

Can we move into a world that protects nature,

have as much respect for nature, ourselves

and our community?

Do we realise that we ARE nature...

will we take care of it so it can take care of us

or do we need nature 

to give us signs to remember us how powerful it is:

like this Corona virus 'helped' us to come closer to ourselves,

to be 'home', to take a step back, to go inward.

Do we need more of this?

Do we need a 'blast' to remember we are One,

or can we help each other and don't we need a disaster..

How do we deal with our children,

do we make sure they feel safe,

or do we transfer our issues to them....

Are we to busy to take time for them,

compensating love with material things.....

Like with an education, we get tests,

and if we don't pass, we can take another test,

and another....till we get it...

We can ask help if needed,

and if we really want it, 

if we are committed:

 we will succeed.

-I just read an article about the grading system 

in schools: the corona crises speeded up 

the change that was needed 

because of the corona situation....

'We realised grades are not always

showing the progress of a child.

We can not give test the same way we did,

because of closing the schools.

Now we test in other ways as well 

and the results are even better.

We talk with kids and parents 

and together we

make a decision if it is better

to go one or do some subjects different or again.'-

Can you see the 'positive signs' for you personally?

Did this Corona virus 'help' you

to be a better version of you?

Did you need to take a step back,

did you need to make a change in your life?

Can you also be patient,

and trust 

even if you don't see the signs yet?

Be sure....

even if you don't see them,

they are there....

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