Tuesday 1 December 2020

New beginnings.....part 1

Today starts the last month of this special year,

are we ready for a new beginning?

On December 21, 

Saturn will connect with Jupiter in Aquarius,

the beginning of the Aquarius age.

Saturn will stay in Aquarius till March 2023.

Can we be responsible for ourselves AND the community,

or do we need restrictions,

does the community have to come together

and protest because

outdated rules are still in place 

and take away 

the freedom of people 

while this is not needed.....?!?

Saturn and Uranus will connect

with each other next year:

Can we choose for AND/AND

or is it still OR/OR...

We will see and experience,

we will get our mirrors

and get chances to heal.

Most likely first ourselves, 

then smaller community's,

like family's, organisations, 

clubs and friends,

before we can deal with country's...

In the Formula 1 there was a big crash.

After the crash there were big flames 

 and the driver was no where to be seen.....

No one could come out alive.....you think.....

But after about 15 seconds the driver came out 

alive, with 'only' some mild burn wounds.

How was this possible ?!?

A few years ago,

the rules were changed for the cars

and the cars got a halo.

A halo is like a safe cage for the driver,

so if something happened 

the driver would be safe.

The drivers didn't like it,

and were against it,

they thought they didn't need it,

and 'it didn't look good',


the rules were final and irrevocable...

Because of this,

this driver is still alive......

Is this what is going on with us as well?

Can we trust that the people we choose

to 'take care of us', 

our governments/prime ministers,

to make rules to make sure we are safe,

even if we don't see it yet......

or do we need 'a crash' 

to see it the rules are right....

or not.....?!?

Some people believe this.....

they forget how important  the YOU is....

Without YOU, the pawn, there is no play....

Let's not forget this formula 1 driver:

after the crash he saw all the flames...

Even though he was in a halo,

he still had to get out......

He knew what to do and did it,

he took action,

he had to make the first step

before others could help him.....

I am sure there was fear,

but.....the will of staying was much bigger....

Could it be that he not only wanted to live for himself,

but also for all the community's he is part of.....

his family,

his friends,

his Formula 1 people etc etc....

In what way was 2020 a 'crash' for you?

Did you feel protected?

Did you take a first step and let people help you?

Do you realise how important YOU are?

Do you realise how important you are

for lot's of people around you?

Take time this last month of 2020

to spoil yourself:

buy one beautiful Rose

and imagine this is you....

Look at the thorns:

you needed them 

so you would go out of your comfort zone

and grow.

Look at the rose:

soft, beautiful,

making the world happy,

makes it come to rest

and just Be....

See your power, your determination,

that because of the thorns 

there is a beautiful rose....


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