Tuesday 8 December 2020

New beginnings......part 5


Our Christmas/ memory/gratitude tree.

To start a new beginning,

is only possible if you

accept what was

and be grateful for the past....

This angel is still in my tree.
It is a reminder of someone who
showed me that I 'betrayed' my self.
I learned from it and moved on.
I choose to look at the mirror...
if not.....
it could have stayed a reminder
of feeling betrayed...
Now I am grateful.

The white dove, symbol of peace.

A reminder that 'no war' doesn't mean

there is peace.. 

Not setting boundaries and let 'bullies' go on

makes 'fake peace' and everyone is missing out...

I am grateful for the people in my live,

who mirrored the anger in me,

and helped setting my boundaries.

Sometime letting go is the best you can do....

The 'egg' is from Mexico,

from the Hopi Indians.

After my parents died, we went there.

It is a reminder of the past

and a new beginning....

I am grateful for my parents.

They showed me love 

and also made me realise

how important it is 

to heal family wounds....

The little Angel and the bear

is a reminder of all the people

who feel not heard, 

not understood,

feeling not good enough.

Didn't realise how important they were.

I am grateful for these people,

they showed me to remember to appreciate myself,

to remember that ever one of us is unique.... 

I am as well...

It is also a reminder to encourage everyone to 

deal with old patterns/ old hurt...

This is a reminder of my family in Canada.

Family is a connection from the heart,

and even if you don't see them all the time:

they are close.

When I went to Canada for the first time,

I was 15: it changed my life.

There I felt I could be ME.....

'just be'......

The angel came later and is a reminder

how tough letting go is 

especially if it is a young woman.

It is a reminder to go trough your fear,

'live everyday if it is your last'

When I see this Angel I hear a great laugh :-)

'Enjoy life!'

I am so grateful for this

and it reminds me to 

'Just be and enjoy life'

These remind me of society.....

I am so grateful I got the opportunity

to meet people from different cultures.

I realised that it is easy to judge if you don't know,

if you 'believe' what people tell you

and don't do research...

I am grateful that I can see both sides

and form my own opinions and......

also can change my opinions 

if I get new insights.

These pictures are a reminder of children.

The left one, 

is a Christmas decoration,

I got more than 40 years ago. 

His mom let him be himself and 

wanted to help change 'the system',

a school system that was outdated....

The right one is also from special children.

A reminder what we can do as adults:

let them be themselves, 

children are so precious...

Can we see them as mirrors  

and love them unconditionally?

I am grateful for all the children in my life:

they helped me heal 

and reminded me to take care of my inner child.

This is a reminder of the polar bear projects we did.

With family's, we cleaned parts of nature

to help making a change.

We Are nature and have to make sure 

we take good care of it.

I am grateful for this:

it showed me that together we can 

make the world a more beautiful place


'leading by example' works.

Actions say more than words...

It is a reminder of my grandparents

and our children's grandparents.

Grandparents are so important for children.

They were for me, and also for our kids.

Now we are grandparents ourselves....

Can we lead by example as well

and love unconditionally?

I am grateful for my grandparents in my life,

a reminder that dead doesn't exist:

they are still in my life.....

just in another way.

A reminder of our 25 wedding anniversary.

I am grateful for our life together.

Realising that love is sometimes challenging,

sometimes tough and.....

always makes you a better person.

I also realise that boundaries are part of love,

I am grateful I know now that it is and/and,

not or/or: in the 'we' should always be the 'I'

What a difference a year makes.....

This year Zoe came into our lives.

Most likely we will see and hold her soon.

Accepting that life is what it is:


being grateful for good health


letting go of control.

Isn't that what raising a family is?

I am grateful for this new life,

and our family.

The left is a bear, Bas made when he was small,

and the apple the first ornament

we bought for the kids to hang in the Christmas tree.

I am grateful for that time.

The children were supposed to take their ornaments.....

but these are still in our tree....;-)

A reminder 

that there will always be parts of our children

that we can't and don't have to let go...

I reminds me how great memory's are.....

These angels remind me that 

we are not alone.....we get help....

The two angels remind me as well

of a special woman, mother, grandmother, great grandmother.

This year she left this earth.

A special man left this earth as well.

Both at a high age,

both of them remind me 

that the mind is so important


that sometimes your body has to let go,

that is not always easy...

I am grateful for that generation,

they helped us to live a more easy life:

let's let them know 

how important they are in our lives.

The tree angels is an old one

and reminds me not take life to seriously.

Life should be fun.

I am grateful for the reminder.

These are some of the ornaments in our tree,

there are lot's more.

I hope you take time to look at the past

and be grateful,

realising this is your foundation.

A foundation, 

strong enough to build the future

of YOUR choice.


John Lennon - Imagine - Lyrics - YouTube

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