Friday 4 December 2020

New beginnings.....part 3

Our soul Knows....

it will succeed,

in it's own time,

it has patience.

It will keep going 

giving us mirrors 

till we don't need them anymore....

On Dec. 14 

we will have 'the same' eclipse

as in Dec. 14 2001, 

that cycle is ending,

and we start a new one.

Do you remember what happened in 2001....?

I believe we are wiser now,

or am I to optimistic?!?

Do we still live in a fear reality

or do we know now

that we have courage,

faith and more self awareness.....

Do we realise that if we point to others,

4 fingers are pointing towards us....

Do we/I use our courage to look inside?

If you look back:

how did you deal with fear,

with challenges in your life

in the period

from 2001 till now?

Saturn and Jupiter are coming

together in Capricorn 

for the last time on the 14th: 

what will governments/prime ministers/'dads'

tell us what to do 


is it because they protect us,

or because they want power.....

The crash in the formula one showed

us how good leadership should be:

having a vision and going through with it,

even if 'the people' don't see it yet....

How is it with the corona rules?


do WE act responsible 

for us and the community

or do we act from fear....

-fear of corona or fear of restrictions....

both are about fear....-

On the 18th 

Saturn and Jupiter come together again,

but then in Aquarius......

the start of a new Age.

The last time was in 1226.

When I checked what was going in 1226:

The blessed Sacrament went from monastery's

to the parishes 'the people'....

The last time Jupiter went in Aquarius,

was Jan. 2009.

The last time Saturn went in Aquarius

was Febr. 1991.

What happened in your life at that time

and.....are you wiser now?

If you look back can you

accept, forgive, be grateful


choose different if needed?

I remember 2009....

for me there were challenges with 'a group/community'.

I learned so much from it,

there I realised that a group is a 'real group',

if everyone uses their own power.

If not....

then there is a lot of manipulation going on.

It showed me, 

that I needed some more inner work,

and that I could trust my intuition.....

I 'just' had to speak up ;-)

From fear of speaking out,

I went to speaking out for 'the group'.

I helped people by selling their inventory

not thinking about me......

as if they couldn't do it themselves.....

They were happy I did it,

but.....was it the best for them and me?

There were also the same challenges

in our family.....

it took a bit longer to speak up....

The closer the people are to you emotional,

the longer it takes...

most of the time....

1991 was also about groups and community's,

also about country's.

The gulf war and

 we lived in a compound in Saudi Arabia.

Lot's of misunderstanding

and - how I saw it- untruths......

I spoke up, because for me it was not ok.

I began feeling insecure, 

when people around me praised me 

and thought it was so special what I did.

'I just did what I thought was needed to be said!'

'Why was this special?!?A general manager

is just a person, or not?!? '

This insecurity came up 

in a smaller community as well,

my family.... 

my work as a teacher.....

Lot's has happened since then.....

Now I realise that lot's of people

'speak up' but 

not always from inner power,

a lot of time from fear,

displaying power to be 'The boss'.... 

How is this for you?

Do you always speak from inner power,

or sometimes act from fear.

I still have my challenges


also know I am more courageous

than I realise....

Step by step....;-)

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