Monday 7 December 2020

New beginnings part 4


In the mean time:

imagine the future YOU want.

You can check my blogs from last year,

it you want to go over the 5 pillars again.

The 5 pillars:


Benetnasch: The 5 pillars and a tree.......part 1

For this year this was a very important pillar.

People who believed that doctors 

could solve everything

realised that this was not true....

We also realised how important health is 

and......that dying is part of living....

even if we don't want it....

Lot's of fear came up.

We realised how important our immune system is

and....that we should take better care of our body.

We also realised 

that there is lots to 'digest'.....

do we 'take in' the right information?

What and who can we trust?

What do we choose and....

can we choose wisely 

or from past, 

not healed issues?


Benetnasch: The 5 pillars.......part 2 relations

We all got lot's of mirrors,

'1 1/2 meter society'.....

We experienced how important physical contact is

and how we deal with restrictions.


we all had to deal with 

in our upbringing as children,

could be healed....or projected.

How did we deal with fear,

can and do we trust?

Do we choose to heal

or to project, defend, fight...

Do we follow rules without thinking about others,

or do we follow rules AND use 'common sense'....


Benetnasch: The 5 pillars....after body, relation, now 'Mind'...

Do we believe that we were born to live in abundance

or do we still believe we have to fight to survive.....

Can we respect each other,

or do we have to proof ourselves?

Do we Know the self healing ability's 

of our body and...

can we apply it in our daily practice?

Do you respect yourself?

Do we Know we are love,

or do we still think we have to earn it?

Do you Know we are all One,

or do you believe there is competition?

Are you living or.....surviving...


Benetnasch: Looking back at 2019, part 4: society....

Lot of people had to deal with situations at their work.

Working from home,

sometimes with children.

Everyone needed to learn to be patient,

no 'instant gratification' possible.

How did you deal with it?

Did you realise you didn't have the right job for you?

Did you realise you have less stress now

and do you prefer living this way,

or were you confronted with issues inside of you?

Did you choose to deal with these issues

or did you find fault in everyone else....

We all realised how important nurses and teachers are...

do we respect them and do they 'get what they deserve?

Do we respect our parents, 

do you respect yourself,

do you give them and you what you deserve?


Benetnasch: Looking back at 2019 part 4: Financial


If you answer the questions from last year again:

what is the difference now?

Do you love yourself....unconditionaly

or do you think you are not doing good enough,

you have to proof yourself...

Do you have patience with yourself?

Do you know that you get the time, 

get the mirrors you need


in the mean time 

should enjoy ourselves...

have fun and be grateful.

The last week the number of Corona cases 

went up every day.....

What is going on?

Are the rules not working:

the masks, closing restaurants, bars, theaters,

1 1/2 meter society?

Or are people not taking responsibility?

Could it be that we don't know yet

what is really going on?

Could it be that the virus is mutating

and.....more people get sick, 

only with mild symptoms....

How do you feel about this?

Do you feel fear, 

or are you curious?

Are you getting angry

or are you wondering......?

Ilse DeLange - Changes (Lyrics) - YouTube

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