Saturday 23 January 2021



Tonight will be the start of a curfew in Holland.

We have to stay in from 21.00 till 4.30.

All over the world governments are looking for ways

to 'fight Corona'.....

and in Holland they hope this will bring the change....

Will this make the difference?

I am not depends:

do people act from fear or from trust,

do they believe in a friendly or an hostile world....

Do we want to look inside or

'fight the image we see in the mirror'

-the mirror as world/society-

I looked at what it could mean energetically:

do we have some deep, dark emotions

that we didn't deal with yet.....

I decided to look in myself...

It had to do with 'self confidence'

I had to go back years ago and came

to the year when my brother died in a car accident. 

I looked at this many times,

but this time I got a clue that made

me 'defend' myself:

'to develop positive inner values'


Wasn't I positive at that age?!?

And then another thought came up......

After he died I believed I would die soon as well..

and I even believed I got 'proof' for this......

-I was 9 years old-

I realised I believed in a hostile world,

not in a safe one......

The next clue I got was

'It is necessary to trust yourself and others'

At that time, 

I 'thought' I had to do it alone....

After this, I had to go to 2014.

The year we had a split in the family.

There was already a split one was confronting

so it looked like harmony,

but it wasn't....

This time, I didn't have to do it alone,

I even wasn't in Holland when it happened.

Others had my back and made sure

to speak up and recreated harmony,

true harmony......

no one had to die, 

only the old family form died... 

What about the picture of the carrots in the woods......
I started writing a blog about this,
but then.....this came up.....
Next time I will explain ;-)

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