Thursday 7 January 2021

Grounding and leadership.

 The Amaryllis 2021 

started to bloom very quick


also fell....

The flowers were to heavy for the bulb....

Luckily the stem didn't break,

so I put it up and 

'helped' it to stand straight.....

Could this be a sign 

that we/I have to look at our/my grounding?

Are there still some issues 

that needs to be looked at

and dealt with?

I got this moon lamp as a present,

if you look close it is not nice and smooth.

If you see it in the dark,

it shines very bright and.....

still feels peaceful.

Do we deal with our emotions?

Do we allow the light to shine on them,

so they can be part of us,

or do we think we have 

'to fight the dark'.......

As I mentioned a few blogs ago:

the planet Mars is active now:

do we take action, or do we fight.....

I choose to take action,

to take a walk in the forest,

to help me grounded.

I took a different 'loop'

just to realise that in 2021 

I will do something new,

so I will be open to surprises.

I got a great surprise:

I saw a woodpecker!

I heard them many times,

but never saw one....

It was a great and easy walk.

And then I came at the spot were I had to make a choice:

I could go two different ways.......

My mind went back to a few days before:

I wanted to take one road 

when two ladies came from that way 

and asked me:

'Are you sure you want to go this way?!?

There is so much mud.......'

I looked at them and thought

'I don't feel like going through mud.....

and I don't want to go the long way.....

But.....I have to choose.....'

I choose the long way

and that was good.

I realised how quickly I trusted

two people I didn't know,

and how many people have trust issues.

'I don't trust vaccines, I don't trust government'

and come together and say

'We don't trust etc etc' and most of the time

you get the feeling: 

' if 'you' trust them then you are on the wrong team'

How come we forgot we are all the same...

we are all One......

This time I took 'the mud way'.....

The beginning was good and I was waiting for 

'the mud part'.

And there is was.....

I looked and choose to go past it,

that was possible :-)

I didn't have to go through

the watery mud part.

It felt good and I realised,

that we don't have to go through

all the old emotions that come up again,

we can go past them if we choose to....

I past it and when I looked back,

two men walked toward them.

One was talking about 'terrorists'

 and I had to laugh.....

When he saw me he asked:

'Are you sure you want to go on?

It is terrible muddy further on,

much worse than this!'

I told them I would go on

and if it was to bad,

I always could go back.

'No, you should not go back if you are there,

but perhaps you shouldn't go on'

I told them I would take the chance

-and I remembered that on our lifecycle plan 

I put 'adventure';-)-

This next part was muddy, 

but I could walk on the side

and sometimes in the middle:

it looked worse than it was.

Isn't that also sometimes with situations in our life?

We think it will be tough, 

but it is easier than it looks....

Then I saw this.....

One side with barbed wire,

so that was not an option....

I found my way.

It took time, and I went from one site to the other

to find spots that were not to slippery.

When I made it I was proud

and thought:

'I was not to bad.'

It felt good that I made it

without being all muddy :-)

and I realised I liked it!

Isn't that how you feel 

if you have to deal with something that is not easy

and you feel proud that you made it?

It is as when you could ride a bike for the first time,

when you got your certificate,

when you dealt with an illness,

when you had that tough talk,

and that worked out well.

So I walked on and thought:

if this was the worst or if there

still was something to come.....


there was an even worse part....

it was one with a fence in front of it....

a fence without a lock......

I had to go through

or I had to choose to go back.....

Isn't that where we are as society,

as world 

at the moment?

Do we want to deal with all the issues,

do we really want this new society....

Do we want to do what's needed to be done we know what we need to do.....

Do we 'think' we have to do it alone,

or can we trust that we are being helped....

Do we start with ourselves first.....

I went through it was not easy.

Two woman came from the other side

and asked  

'is it worth it' and 

'why are we doing it'


'let's go to the other side'....looking at me....

I went very close to the barbed wire and....

that wasn't nice and easy...

and then I saw 

that the ground 

on the other side of the barbed wire was stable!

I went under it,

I had to stoop and bow......

And when I looked back,

I saw a little white feather on the barbed wire......

Sometimes you have to bow,

step out of a situation,

realise your 'job' is to be as strong as you can be,

to realise you are on a path towards yourself,

the best version of yourself....

Know sometimes it is different than you

thought it was....

And then there was another fence,

also without a lock

and something to celebrate.........

I could have something to drink here,

to celebrate that I finished my 'muddy path'


I didn't bring money.....

and the farmer who put's it here,

trust people.......

I love this and realise that I have to wait for the 'reward'

Like in our live,

sometimes we have to wait for the reward 

we think we deserve it Now, 

straight away.....

We have to trust that energy is always right,

the 'reward' will come 

at exactly the right time.....

I walked on and it went quickly,

beautiful paths

and I thought about the 'apple flaps'

that were still left from the night before.....

They tasted great :-)!

A great reward!!

For me this walk in the forest is a metaphor for 2021.

I didn't write this blog yesterday,

and after what happens in America

I understand why.

Donald Trump is showing us all,

what happens if you don't deal with your issues,

it you don't trust.

He shows he can attract people who are the same,

and that people can follow 

and not think for them selves.

Let's choose to be grounded,

deal with our issues,

bow if needed and

use action to help,

not to destroy. 

Uranus and Saturn will connect in Febr., June and Dec.

Mars will help at the us to take action.

I believe the energy will help us to realise

we should do it together....

Healthy, mature ego's can lead,

they can say 'sorry, I was wrong'.....

If leaders can not say this,

than, I think, you should worry.....

Everyone of us makes 'mistakes'.....

'We do better if we know better'

Can you see your 'mistakes' 

as stepping stones?

Can you see them 

and let go of guild and shame?

For me that is a sign

that you are whole.

I am not there yet.....

I still feel guild and shame sometimes......

and I Know that this is ok......

I am on a path

and enjoying it,

mud and all :-)

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