Saturday 16 January 2021

Let's choose to be compassionate.....and heal.

 Are we prepared to let go of these 'lies'?

Can we be compassionate AND disagree?

If you can't 

there must be a very hurt part inside of yourselves....

Someone or something must have hurt you deep....

so deep 

that a part of you still 'thinks' it needs to be 'protected',

forgetting that it happened in the past.....

that you are an adult now....

If you choose to live like this,

it can be challenging in the beginning....

you can doubt yourself:

people around you will say

'you are crazy, you should be angry!'

'you should take revenge,

defend yourself!'

Always remember that energy is always be right....

if you did something that wasn't done with integrity,

it will come back to you,

if not now, then later....

Not as a punishment, 

only to balance the energy.....

Should you worry?


if you did something that was not for the best,

and also know 

you didn't know then what you know now,

then you can take responsibility

and solve it.

....the more you know,

the more you realize 

that there is much more you don't know....

Can we disagree and be compassionate....

it starts in families,

in community's

in country's

in the world.

In Holland there is a game show on television

'the all-rounder'.

100 people are competing, there are 100 games.

After every game one of the group

 has to go.

These 100 people are all different:

young, old, small, big, female/male, different gender,

different colours........

Just like a community.

The games they have to do 

are diverse.

From remembering items and putting a logo together,

to squishing lemons and 

putting as many post it's on their own faces.

Sometimes they have to start working in pairs or groups,

sometimes they have to do it by themselves. 

You can see and feel they are a group,

compassionate and competing.

When someone has to go,

they are sad AND the whole group is supporting.

They are sad to go AND.....

'the other was better'

'and I made it till here!'

I only saw one who was angry,

her reaction:

'I don't want to talk right now!'

She was hugged by the group

and good let her anger go....

Before going to the next game,

the one who lost,

stands in the middle of the circle

and everyone is saying 'goodbye'.

I realised when looking at this game,

that it looks as competing against each other

to win the price but.....

it is a competition against themselves...

The games are so diverse that 

everyone Knows they can win....

because everyone is unique

and has a different speciality....

Wouldn't it be great 

we choose to look at ourselves the same way?

We are all in 'the competition' named 'Life'


we work together as a group, sometimes in pairs

and in the end 

it is always about ourselves....

We can choose to support each other,

realising we have talents others don't 

and others have talents we don't.

Let's be happy for each other

and accept what is in our own lives,

Knowing deep down

that there is no competition with each other,

there is only a 'competition' with ourselves.....

growing, evolving.

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