Sunday 24 January 2021

Carrots....and curfew part 2

I took a walk in the forest after a storm a few days ago,
and while walking,
Nostradamus came to my mind...

You don't hear about him so much anymore,
but a few years ago,
people talked a lot
about his predictions.

He talked about a new leader 
that would stand up,
to help change the world.
He talked about a third world war
and after that, there would be 
a new world, 
a world of peace....

I thought of checking the facts about this,
and then decided not to do it.....
It will be part of a story,
I make up 
combining it with 
the time we are in now....

Could it be that that we are in 
'world war 3' at the moment?
The last time there was a curfew
was in Word War 2....

Could it be that Covid came into our lives,
to remember us that we are all connected?
To remember there is conflict in ourselves,
and that it is manifesting in our body's,
in society,
in the world
and that we should start
dealing with the conflict in us?

Could it be that we were not able 
to set boundaries ourselves
and needed 'help'...
We talk and talk
are afraid to walk our talk...

-we talk about setting boundaries for years,
we talk about grounding for years,
we talk about 'being One' for years.....'

We get boundaries now.....
we 'have to ' stay home.....
we get time to 'clear these homes'
and when that is finished,
to clear old emotions....

Nostradamus talks about 
'a city in the new world' as well.
People thought it was 'new York'.....

Wasn't that the start of the 'big change'?
Old fear came up,
fear of extremism.....'Moslims'.......
and because of that fear,
the Gulf war started........

Now the numbers in America about
casualty's from extremism
is bigger from white groups than from Moslims.....

Do we realise now
that it has nothing to do with religion,
colour, country's........
Do we realise it has to do with fear....
with old hurt 
and instead of dealing with this hurt,
we react from fear....

When I started the walk,
I saw carrots on the path
I didn't see them once,
I saw them 4 or 5 times.....

For me an odd thing to see  
when walking in a forest....
After the last time I saw them
-see the picture in the beginning-
I thought about it as a sign:
could there be a spiritual meaning....?

and I remembered the pumpkin soup I made at home....
What is the meaning of carrots?!?

-no part of 'self' can be neglected,
 not in the body, not in the mind.
-they ask for perfect balance: 
they will not tolerate
that you do mental work and neglects the body 
or the other way around.
-It is time to deal with the neglected parts in yourself.
-It is a patient teacher. 
Every one in the group gets the time 
it needs to heal and to follow.
-Don't hide behind walls, structures of forgetting emotions.
-Let go what hinders your growth.
-You can focus to much on others,
to fill your life 
it will not fullfill you.....
-A 'healthy carrot' doesn't accept something without
looking into it herself.
-Stay with yourself, trust yourself. 
Make yourself stronger by looking inside 
instead of looking from the outside.

(From: De hoorn der Overvloeds. Christiane Beerlandt)

What a message....
what a great sign...

And....then I looked inside 
and shared a part of my healing
before posting this.....-see my last blog-

Are you in balance?
are you neglecting your 'weakest link'
I hope you take time to look at your weakest link,
so all of you can grow and heal.

Mercury is in it shadow at the moment
in Aquarius, 
the sign of community, respect, equality.

It will go retrograde on the 31st of this month.
So you will re-visit, re-think, re-evaluate, re-flect
what you did from the 15 to the 31st
in the period till Febr. 21.

After that,
there will be 
another shadow period till March 13:
did we change some patterns,
can we communicate with ourselves and other
in a more loving way?

In Febr. we also have the Saturn/Uranus square.

Do we need more rules or can we work together,
are the rules to much and can we show it as a community
or do we neglect to look inside ourselves
and do we have to 'fight' and 'destroy'....

Do we need the time till 2024 when Pluto goes into Aquarius
to change in this new world 
or can we do this sooner.....

I think about the meaning of carrots:
everyone should be ready,
don't hide behind walls.........

What if we don't know we are hiding behind walls...
What if the hurt is to big
and we still think we need these......

In my sessions with clients
 I sometime look at 'the weakest link'.
Do you want to  know what your weakest link is
where the blockage still is 
that prevents you from growing,
I will test this for free for the first 5 people who
send me an email

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