Monday 11 January 2021

Is president Trump to blame he mirroring us?!?

 I love the image of his small path in the forest

with trees next to it.

Trees that are 'moving to the side'

- it looks like that -

so we can go and follow our path...

Isn't this what happened with Donald Trump?

He moved on in his own way,

and no one stopped him.....

You hear and read that many people

didn't like the way it was going.

Knew that 'we lost the election',

but didn't do anything


'if we do or say something there will be trouble'.....

Barack Obama had a talk with someone in 2007

who talked about the mortgages and that 

he expected that it would go 'terrible wrong'......

Barack Obama asked his staff to check

and reports came back negative:

The Federal Reserve chairman had indicated that 

the housing market was a bit overheated

but it wouldn't be a treat to the financial system 

or the broader economy....

When he went back to that friend,

he got as answer:

'Apparently I've underestimated 

how willing people are to maintain a charade.'

How willing are we to maintain a charade?

How is it in your family?

In ours we kept a charade for many years,

in 2014 we stopped this.

Was there one person to blame? was easy to blame the person

who 'shouted the loudest'....

only......the rest of us let him go on.....

The Covid-19 virus....

Are we taking care of nature,

do we realise WE are nature.....

How do we treat nature,

how do we treat our body....

Do we realise that as nature,

we are born, live and will die....

That is the cycle of live....

Nature is nurturing....

rest, enjoying, beauty....

How do we treat ourselves?

Do we talk nicely to ourselves,

do we feed it with good food,

so we get an healthy immune system?

Do we feed it with good information,

do we do what we like,

or do we do what is expected from us,

even though it doesn't make us happy.....

Now there is an vaccine:

do we need to take it, or don't we?

Do we have a choice?

In Holland we have a choice.

We can choose to take it or not. looks like

there are 'camps',

one side 'thinks' they know better

and they start 'shouting'.....

If you are not in the same camp as they are,

you are 'the other side' and that means 'the wrong side'....

Is this a charade as well....

Will we look at nature,

at the way we live now,

or do we thing that 'the vaccine' is the answer.

For people who know about tapping point,

it will be something familiar,

for people who don't, 

the following can be challenging ;-)

In your body their are meridians,

these meridians are connected with emotions.

To explain it in an easy way:

sometimes there are 'dents' in these meridians,

because of undealt emotions.

By tapping you can 'un-dent' them.

The meridian of insecurity start 

with the beginning of your eyebrow

and if you tap this point 

old insecurity's can be accepted and let go.

I tapped this point many, many times ;-)

I even tapped while I was driving, 

walking or biking.

One time someone saw me doing this

and didn't look to happy......

I realised that it looked like

the sign people make when they think 

someone is crazy........

I decided to keep on tapping,

but more private....

When I thought about Trump,

about all the people who 'think'

they have to 'shout' and make themselves big

to show power,

my mind went to this insecurity point.....

When tapping this point, you are close

to the third eye,

your intuition,

the Knowing.....

How insecure are we about our intuition....

do we follow it, or are we afraid to follow it....

Did we lose the trust to follow it

as a baby, a child,

because we couldn't understand 

our caretakers all the time?

For me, it starts with this.....

How was your child hood


do you realise you are an adult now....

You have the ability to take the good of your upbringing

and change the parts 

that were not good for you.

Social Media banned Trump forever.....

Is this censorship or is it the protection that is needed....

Uranus and Saturn combined:

we can not have freedom

without boundaries....

Saturn is also about ego......

an mature or immature ego.

An immature ego is 'shouting' 

so people don't see your insecurity

and is also 'shutting up' 

because you are afraid that it will destroy the harmony.

A mature ego is knowing your parent did do their best

to help you to survive in this world.

It also knows that YOU are an adult know,

and perhaps some of what you learned was not what you needed,

but as an adult  you can choose to change this.

You have to go through feelings of guilt and shame,

-immature Saturn treats ;-)-

and you transform these in responsibility.

A mature ego will speak up if needed,

Knows that harmony is only harmony

if there is no guilt or shame involved.

Sometimes letting go of people is needed....

A dream can only become real,

if you are prepared to do something for it....

Are we, are you, am I

prepared to do something for our dream:

a dream of a peaceful world.

A world were we respect each others quality's,

were we work together,

respect each other each other.

The coming weeks we get lot's of opportunity's:

do we take action in our own life,

or do we wait till the world around us

will give us mirrors......

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