Monday 4 January 2021

The journey or the destination.....are you being sidetracked?!?

 Isn't this what we all want:

the finished product!

We want the perfect children,

the perfect family,

the perfect job

and the perfect world...... be clear:

perfect means most of the time

that what we think it should be,

or what people believe it should be.....

Did we really transform in 2020

or were we sidetracked......

'a vaccine is the solution'

'there is a conspiracy, we have to fight'

When Saturn and Jupiter came together,

there was 'a mutation of the virus'.....

When I spoke about this with two people

in the field of viruses' they said:

'That was expected! What if you go

'in the mind' of a virus:

if you are deadly for a person,

you die as well. 

So for the virus to survive,

it has to be more contagious

and less deadly!'......

make sense.....

Will we be sidetracked by this,

or do we see it as  

more time.....

more time we need as people

to transform....

To respect nature,

to be more patient,

to realise we are in it together.....

Uranus and Saturn want to come in balance this year,

and it will be challenging.

We can do this by fighting against the other

-knowing the other is a part of you-

or we can bring them together....

 The red one, was the first one I made in a long, long time.

I read the instruction and......

I 'thought' I could do it.

It didn't work out exactly but.....

'I can fix it'......

Because I did this in the beginning,

of the small sweater

I had to 'improvise' more and more

later on....

Isn't this what we do all sometimes.

We 'think' we know, 

and we are not open for other peoples opinions....

even if they 'study and experience' it 

want to help you: 

the one who is not the expert.....

The green one was next.

It worked great....

I thought....

I didn't understand 'one line' looked good at the end


'it must be good'......

The third one was the 'Norwegian' one.

It was with different colours,

so then I found out what was 'wrong'

with the green one.....

Isn't this how we learn?

Sometimes we have to compare

to see if something is wrong or right.

I realised that I 'forgot' to knit 8 stiches...

you didn't see it at the end result....

Isn't this what happens in most of our life's?

We don't know all the situations 

in the beginning of our lives,

and we keep going because

'our lives look good'....

And then....something happens

that upsets us.

Most of the time, it has to do

with something 

that happened in the beginning of your life.

Saturn says: 'you didn't do it right,

you should do better'

It also says: 'take your time, 

you can do it again if it is not right.'

Uranus says: 'I don't like these rules,

I do it my way'

It also says: 'I want to make something

unique and I can ask the help of others'


I saw this 'tree' when walking:
one stem, two branches...
Together in a V shape....
sign of peace.....

Let's not be sidetracked....
We are all one....

The world need a transformation:
do we keep focus on a vaccine,
do we believe the world is against us 
or do we go back 
to were the transformation should start....
with us......

I am grateful for the process.
I decided to keep 'the red sweater' as a reminder
and then changed my mind:
I make a new one!

For me Uranus and Saturn combined:
I knit and Anne will make a pattern on it,
perhaps I knit another one,
if Loes wants to make one too.....

-The knitting is Saturn, the pattern Uranus ;-)-

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