Friday 1 January 2021

The next step.......


And then.....

the flowers got too heavy.....

2020 is over....

The new year is beginning,

not ready to bloom....yet..

Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Lyrics) - YouTube

Wouldn't it be great

that 2021 will be a year

of giving, 

love, trust 

and listen.

A year of accepting 

that there are still parts in ourselves

that are wounded.

Letting go of guilt and shame

and take responsibility.

Realising that setting boundaries

is necessary:

it is easier to change one person at a time

than a whole society.....

so start with YOU :-)

I like to look at different opinions,

and realised that sometimes 

I 'reacted' instead of responding.....

that was my 'sign' to look inside.

It touch a part in me that said:

'you are not enough,

you are not following the rules,

you should think and do 

what 'we' think and do,

or we will exclude you'....

At the end of the year,

I responded in a group and

it was not the reaction 

some people wanted to hear:

'if you don't agree, you should not be in this group'.....

This time I could let it go....

excluding, groups against each other

is not what this new era is about.

Listening to each other,

respecting each other

and if needed 

change opinions:

'if you know better, you do better'.

It is and/and, not or/or anymore....

We are growing from an immature ego,

to a healthy ego.

Nina Simone – New World Coming Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Have an amazing start of 2021.

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