Friday 15 January 2021

Do you need to be fixed?!?

Sometimes we forget how powerful we are,

and don't realise 

that we often talk badly to 

and about ourselves.....

Everything is energy,

and energy is not good or bad,

it is 'just' energy....

It works with you,

and attracts the same energy 

as you are in....

You don't see energy,

you feel it....

It is as if sitting in a room with no heating:

you feel cold, but don't see the cold.

If there was heating,

you felt warm and still you wouldn't see the warmth.

Let's start to remember.

A new moon this week,

a new start.

Take action, one step at the time,


all the 'action' you see in the outside world,

is just a reminder:

how do you talk to yourself,

how do you talk to others?

Do you take responsibility for your action?

If you look in the mirror

realise that you are already good,

just the way you are.....

YOU don't need to be fixed....

some old patterns you have 

are not needed anymore,

it's time to let go

and/or take responsibility....

We see a lot of Mars/Uranus action in the world already,

governments that are falling,


heated discussion


lot's of people walking,

looking inside

deep down realising

that consequents need to be taken

for action you took....

This all is to prepare us for the Saturn/Uranus square: 

we are 'to big for our container'

we need more space to grow....

I put a little piece from this plant

in a bigger pot and......

They grew as bigger leaves,

and filled the pot within a year.....

Where in you live 

do you need more space,

more freedom?

In your relationships,

in your work,

in your convictions?

Do you allow your self

to have more freedom within boundaries:

are you evolving,

or do you decide to destroy....

use your anger towards others.....?

Can we remember the lesson of Nelson Mandela....

instead of taking revenge

choose to take responsibility,

to forgive.....

ourselves and others......

We all did the best we could at that time,

now we Know better we can do better....

Our action Now,

will be the base of the new world.....

In America there will be a new president,

in Holland there will be changes in the structures of law

so it will be better for all people.

We don't need to be fixed.....

we 'just' have to let go of layers

we build around ourselves/our heart.

These layers can go away,

only.....YOU have to do this yourself.....

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