Tuesday 27 July 2021

Leo energy ....part 2

You only choose to change

if you have an inner motivation to do this.

Are you ready to change

or......is there no need to do it yet.....

Do you still have a roof above your head,

something to eat everyday,

people around you that love your/take care of you,

and you have media to inform you or numb you


why should you change?!?

If you get away with dishonesty

to get what you want,

why should you take the hard way

and be honest?

Realise that if you did this,

or see people doing this,

that it is always a reaction

from a wounded inner child....


.a not healed inner child

will become a wounded leader....

If you are a 'wounded leader'

most likely you attract wounded innerchilds....

You are the mirror for them to heal...

and they are the mirror for you,

so both of you can heal....

Most of the time a tough wake up call is needed,

and you feel you 'don't have a choice anymore':

You don't want what you have anymore because it is to bad.....

you decide you want something different


it helps you to find Your voice again....

I am sure you can see this in your past,

perhaps in your life right now:

-challenges with parents,

-challenges in family's,

-challenges in organisations,

-challenges in sports clubs,

-challenges with children,

-challenges in society.......

Do we use our inner power or

do we use to power over......

Do you deal with your feeling of guilt and shame

or are you projecting: 

blaming yourself or someone else...

It is important that YOU own it....

I have a strong Saturn in my chart,

so: I 'will and have to survive',

' I am responsible for 'all' '

and if someone was not happy:

I 'had to solve it'.....

My Saturn helped me learn...

to be patient with myself,

is was also 'blocking' my Leo energy....

- my Sun in Virgo likes to be of service, to 'help'

and when wounded it goes to the opposite site....Pisces,

perhaps something for another blog ;-)-

I 'needed' some tough wake up calls

before I 'remembered' who I really was....

that the only way that I could be 'of service' and 'help'

would be, if I would took good care of myself....


-a good Dutch movie 'mi vida': 'your job is to be happy'

The last years, 

I see more and more

how big my guilt and shame was...

I solved a lot of it.....

and am more happy myself.

I can be there for more people....

help them to find their own power.....

In the past I acted

as if I was responsible for all ....

as if I had to solve every ones problem

as if they couldn't do it themselves.....

I acted from a 'wounded leader'.....

I needed  to recognize my wound,

so I could set boundaries,

love myself and

be my own leader.

How is this in your life?

Are you happy?

Do you love yourself unconditionally?

Do you attract abundance?

Do you look into the mirror and change

what you don't like

or do you project most of the time?

How is it with your body?

Do you feel it does for you what you need it to do

of do you think it has to be as what

'the norm' is in society......-Saturn- 

and you forgot that it is unique for you.....-Uranus-

Sometimes a 'wake up' call is needed....

An health issue or an article can help you change

your routine.....

In relationships 

it can be another person 

who comes between you and your partner.

How is it with your own integrity....

do you love yourself....?

In society it can be 'Corona'.

A virus that effects us all, is a mirror for us all..

I checked what 'getting the flue' wants to tell us energetically:

'life asks for a savings mission for men and men-kind'

'raising consciousness, realising that dead is part of life'

'time for a new era'

'not everyone will be effected,

only those who stay in the hurt mentality

and forget to be unique:

a person who takes 

responsibility for him self'

'live differently: Be, 

instead of being impatient,

ambition, angry for not getting what you want,

or wanting to please others'

'the virus wants to push you towards yourself'

'being to strict towards yourself, to critical'

'talk from your heart, instead of your head, ground....'

'you don't have to suffer, to die.....you have a choice'

-From 'De sleutel tot zelfbevrijding' Christiane Beerlandt'-

To get information is easy.....

to gain wisdom takes time and love.....

Do we choose to be a leader from the heart?

Are we ready to deal with our hurt?

Are we ready to live in abundance


do we need more mirrors to help us heal?

How much of the anger we feel and see in the world

is 'just' anger of past experiences.....

Experiences from the past,

stored inside of us,

experiences that hurt us,

that wounded us....

not healed yet...

Experiences that let us forget

that we are all born with this 'Leo' energy,

that we all are born as leaders.

Leaders of our own life,

we 'just' have to shine,

be happy,

and -when needed-

can easy share our 'warmth' with others.


because there is enough....

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