Monday 12 July 2021


 Wouldn't it be easy,

'just' to 'walk away'......

Not to deal with health issues

only with 'pills'.....

Not to deal with health issues

only 'spiritual'

Not to deal with people who push your buttons

only with people who agree with you.

I can go on, but I am sure

you can find triggers in your life

you are walking away from....

If not.....


We are here to grow, to heal, to be happy,

to enjoy life, to reclaim our unique power.

Sometimes it looks like people forget 

that we are first and for all

here to grow.......

If we are in a comfort zone for to long,

avoid growing,

life will help us to get out of this zone....

Most of the time by showing us something

we don't like and.....

something we can not run away from....


At the moment we get lot's of triggers as society,

all triggers ask us to choose.

Choose between 

fear and love,

control and trust,

oppose or connect.

Not choosing is also a choice....

a choice to avoid your trigger.....

a choice to avoid healing....

a choice to avoid the pain.....

that you need to go trough

if you want healing...

In Lebanon it is the electricity,

in Canada the dead body's of children that show up,

in South America the lack of food and medicine,

in Holland the climbing of the Corona numbers....

The prime minister and the minister of health 

from Holland apologised....

Apologised because 

'they decided to let go of restrictions to soon.....'

It triggers me......

Why do they need to apologize?!?

Did they make a mistake?!?

You can say: 

'Yes, because now the numbers of Covid infections are going trough the roof'.

You also can say:

 'No, they don't need to apologize, because the people didn't follow

the rules' 

When I thought about the second reaction 

I realized it wasn't a 'No......'

it was also a 'Yes, they should apologize......'

'Yes, they expected people to be responsible and they were not ready yet

to be responsible'. 

They apologized because they expected people to be more mature

and 'they', as government/'father'

gave us -'the people'- a responsibility we were not ready for......

Why is this triggering me?

I realised that I expect people to take their responsibility

when they are not ready....yet...

And I also realise that I expect that people take their responsibility......

I see their power and sometimes am blind for their blockages....

Could it be 

that it is because I got to much responsibility as a child?

Responsibility I could take,

but wasn't emotional ready for......?

As a leader, 

-and we all are one!-

we have to take responsibility for our part,

also for our wounded emotions....

So apologizing by the prime- and health minister

is a great mirror for us all.....

I understand it took a few days for them to do this:

most likely they had to deal with 'wounded emotions'....

What will we, 

the people in Holland do:

can we take the next step,

look in our life were we have 'wounded emotions'.....

Can we pause, 

take a step back,

re-do what's needed

and than take the next step again


do we first have to blame, shame

and guilt someone/ourselves...

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