Thursday 29 July 2021

Leo energy.....Part 3

We are souls with an earth experience....

We came here on this earth as Love......

expecting to give and receive,

to help others as others helped us

and to live a wonderful, happy and an abundance life.

We only forgot that we couldn't communicate

in the same way as the people on this earth did....

We, as new people on this earth,

communicated from love


came into a world where communication

was/is something of the mind....

Can we go back to the communication from Love?

In the sixties, 

people wanted 'love and peace'

and forgot this needed boundaries as well.....

It is as if, after the sixties,

society went back to the opposite site....

Like a scale....extreme sides....

How is it now?

Can we find a balance or do we still need extremes?

Are we ready for this new world?

The Leo energy will tell us.....

Do we Shine as the sun shines: 


so everyone can use it for free

and use it when needed.

Can we be happy,

enjoying live,

be creative

and find solutions


did we form clouds in front of the Sun

so we don't have to shine,

or do we use the clouds

so we have something to complain

because we are afraid

to go inside, heal and shine again....

Are we afraid of the consequents....


If we choose to be our own leader again,

to use our Leo energy,

we have to go back to our roots.....

to our Cancer energy.....

Did we have to build a shell around us, like the Crab,

to protect our vulnerability when we were younger


do we still 'think' we need this?

If we do, we will see unhealed Leo energy,

wounded leaders,

insecurity hidden 

in power over instead of power....

If you look at the Sun signs you see immature reactions

if there is a wounded leader inside.

You see energy from the opposite side in an immature way....

here are some of them:

A Aries is not taking action but wants harmony even if it is fake...

A Taurus is not calm and relaxed but is exploding...

A Gemini is not sharing information but sharing fake news,

A Cancer is following the rules of society instead of what feels good for people.

A Leo powers over a group instead of using it's own natural power.

A Virgo can be addicted to work or be to critical and forget what really is important.

A Libra can be 'fighting' instead of being the mediator.

A Scorpio can be holding back instead of bringing up taboos.

A Sagittarius can share information, point fingers instead of sharing wisdom.

A Capricorn can blame society instead of help change society.

A Aquarius can want to be the leader who knows it all, instead of realising we are all leaders.

A Pisces can want to have control instead of to trust that all is as it is....

You only do this if there is still

a wounded inner child 

that is not healed....

Cancer energy, 'clouds'

are blocking your Leo energy.....

If you choose to use this Leo energy,

you also have to choose to deal with the unhealed Cancer energy....

Saturn is the planet that shows where your fear is,

your guilt and shame...

It also shows were your responsibility is,

how your upbringing was......


consequence of your behaviour.

Can you step out of the old habits

and go into new ones?

Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius now.

Do you see 'we are all responsible'

or do you see 'I know better'.......

The last energy is an immature one.....

an energy of wounded leaders....

So much has happened in the past 

that was not right is scary to trust again....

Official Secrets Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers - YouTube

I saw this movie: 'Official Secrets'.....

and it is scary......can this happen again or......

are we more alert now....

Uranus is in the sign of Taurus.

Do we see 'taking care of nature',

'rest and being patient'

do we feel safe and secure

are we taking care of our body/immune system


do you see 'We will control this'

'it is not safe and no one takes care of it',

do we see fear....

hidden in anger and violence

To make a change we all have to make a choice....

a choice to go inside AND go on living,

enjoy life.

We have to make a choice to hold other accountable AND ourselves.

We should be patient with ourselves AND with others.

We should take care of us AND realise we are part of society.

If we want to be the change we want to see in the world,

we have to let go of guilt and shame AND let go of guilt and shame others....

Wouldn't it be great

that all the young souls in this world

would be loved unconditionally?

Children who can be 

who they want to be?

Children who have parents 

who listen with their hearts,

be the leaders for this children 

they need to see in this world?

People who are loving, forgiving, 

make mistakes, saying sorry,

explaining and showing boundaries

being creative and having fun.

Showing that there is no guilt or shame,

only accountability,

cause and effect,

that you  can choose different every day

if you want an other effect..


that there is enough time:

'just be patient and have fun,

know you are loved unconditionally....'

Leo energy...

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