Monday 26 July 2021

Leo energy.

 From Cancer we went in the energy of Leo.

How did the clearing go?

Did you take time to clean 'closets and emotions'?

I did and.....still more to do....

It doesn't mean dat I can not be in this energy of Leo,

it only means that I will have more to give, to Be,

than I do now:

still some healing to do.....

Leo energy is leader energy,

is fun energy,

is creativity,

is playfulness,

unconditional love.

As a child, this Leo energy needs validation.

It needs it because deep inside it is insecure:

am I a really a leader,

do 'they' really love me,

do 'they' really see how I am?

If this energy doesn't get appreciation,

it makes sure to find a way to get it.....

It looks and reacts to the outside world.

If this happens to often,

it 'forgets' it's own goals......

it 'forgets' that he 'only' has to Be...

to the sun.....

Is powerful without the need to proof,

without to use power over people...

The Leo energy 'needs' to shine.....

'needs' to lead......

Being in control is one thing to do it...

being 'right' is an other way....

not because it means to do harm....

it is because there is insecurity


fear of not being seen

fear of not being loved.....

In the outside world you recognize these 'leaders'.

For me, leaders like Donald Trump and Vladimir Poetin show this.

Also parents who want their children to be what they couldn't be.

Influencers who need plastic surgery or who edit their pictures

to look how they think people want them to look.

The Corona virus 'helps' us to go inside....

back to ourselves,

find out what we Really need

to make us happy.

Can we be the authentic leader,

master about ourselves....

Are we investing in our immune system,

good health or 

do we still believe someone else/something else has to do it....

-Just to make sure you understand that the Leo energy

is not only for the people with the star sign Leo:

everyone is born with this energy. 

We all have a part in our chart with this Leo energy.

and -most important- 

you all have a Sun in your chart.

This is what most people say when you ask:

'what is your birth sign'?

You want to shine in that way:

So a Sun in Cancer, chooses to be 'a leader/ to shine'

in a Cancer way.....

If that person doesn't feel safe and secure,

you see the 'immature' reactions of the Leo energy.-

Unconditional love: 

love yourself with all your flaws,

Know these are 'just stepping stones'

so choose to let go of guild and shame.

Take responsibility if needed,

say sorry, forgive.

Fun, playfulness, creativity:

find ways to enjoy life,

be happy and realise that you don't need 'things'...

Be You:

Know you have an unique quality,

that you want to share in this world.

It is not something you have to proof,

'just Be':

Your smile to someone today

could make a big difference...

The journalist, Peter R de Vries

had his farewell service

on the day the Sun went in Leo.

People talked about his farewell ceremony in a special way:

-'he was a special father, he did so much with his children and for them'

-'he put love notes all over the place for his partner'

-'he always remembered special day's'

-'he kept in contact with the people he helped'

-'I realise he was so much more than we thought he was'

Leo energy:

he didn't need the public to know all,

he was intrinsic motivated.....

For the public he sometimes looked 'arrogant',


was it arrogant, or was it his courage 

to bring to the surface 

other people were afraid to do...

Isn't that what a leader should do.....

Being authentic and fearless?

Is it something we are afraid to do,

because of insecurity....

afraid of not being loved unconditional?

Reacting on social media is easy.....

you will not be holding accountable....

This is an immature Leo energy for me.....

Do you Know were you are talking about,

or did you 'just read' about it......

instead of studying, questioning it...

How come we don't trust our leaders.....

could it be that we don't trust ourselves

and.....don't have the patience to go inside

and start trusting ourselves again?

In the end, love wins.....

Use the Leo energy,

to have fun,

to enjoy the sun,

be creative,

look at children,

spoil your inner child

and 'just Be'....

Are all leaders to be trusted?

I don't think so,

but a lot of them are.....

I believe that the quickest way

to step in 'the new world'

is to go inside,

trust ourselves 

and be our own leader...

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