Tuesday 20 July 2021

'On bended knee is no way to be free'....part 3

 When I look around

I see a lot of turmoil in the world,

I see also turmoil in my own life....

I feel old emotions,

decide to stay with them and...

'park them' if needed.....

I choose to accept to be happy


revisit these emotions again.....

most of the time 

I get signs to 'help me'.....

When I heard the reaction of this journalist,

about how he wanted to be remembered,

it touched me emotional....

My first reaction: 

'how great that being a good father

is more important than all what he does for society.'

My emotional reaction showed me that

'I should investigate'....

How sure was he about himself as a father....?

When I saw him with his children

and hear how his children are in society,

he must have been an amazing father!

How insecure was he about this?

Did he compare himself with 'someone else'?

Did he Know deep down,

that he was 'enough'....

How is it with us?

Are we 'totally in the green'

or are there still parts of us in the 

'Freeze, flight or fight' stage.....

Do we recognize it,

can we stay with it

and accept the unacceptable

or do we let past hurt,

lead our lives...

Nature 'just is'....

growing and blooming next to each other....

Do we believe we are enough....

can we let go of  the need to 

'proof' that we are....?

I like to remember this journalist,
Peter R de Vries
in this way: 

'He was a great man,
authentic, honest and loving.
He was the change 
he wanted to see in this world.
He lived a happy life'


is this what I see as the ultimate goal
for all people,
and did I see this in him:
A leader, a mirror,
like Mandela and Ghandi.....
also people who lead by example,
bold, courageous, fearless.....
responsible AND free....

Do we dare to do the same 
or are we afraid of the consequences?

Does it have to be tough,
hard and challenging?
A bit,
or else we wouldn't change,
is this also a believe system....


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